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you just have to remove the horn cover and you should see the nut that fix the steering. it should be hard to remove but you can achieve it even if u don't have a puller. First u should take a marker and place a mark to be sure to replace the steering at the same position. Then if you have a puller use it, if not i had success by pulling (we were 2 guys pulling) the steering and knocking on the top of the bolt to make some vibration and make the removal easier.

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โˆ™ 2015-07-16 18:17:06
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Q: In a '92 Dodge Colt import how do you get the steering wheel loose so you can replace it?
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I have a 1996 dodge ram 1500 how does steering column come loose from power steering box?

disconnect rag joint.

How would you tighten a loose steering column on an Olds Delta 88?

You have to replace the entire steering column. It is not loose, the lock is broken on your column height adjuster.

What causes steering slop in a 2002 Dodge Neon?

You have a loose/worn steering component. Outer tie rods are the most common.

If you have replace steering gear box in your 99 Suburban and still have steering wheel play Could it be caused by a loose joint in the steering column?


How do you repair a loose and sloppy steering in a 1984 Chevy truck?

replace the worn parts.

What do you do if the power steering cap is loose?

Replace it. You can buy one at any parts store.

What happens if you don't replace the ball joints on a 1998 dodge Dakota?

Loose ball joints will cause excessive tire wear, and if they come apart the wheel assembly could come loose. This would cause a complete loss of steering control.

How do you tighten the steering column in a 1984 dodge pick-up?

I am not sure this is the trouble, if you remove the cover on the steering wheel there will be a large nut if this nut is tight the splines on the wheel could be bad, might be looking at replacing the column, or the steering wheel. I the nut is loose simple tighten and replace cover.

What does it mean if the steering wheel on your car squeals when you turn it?

tighten the belt or replace it Maybe a loose power steering box or a worpted pully.

What would cause your steering column on a G20 van to become loose?

There are 4 bolts at the bottom of the steering column that tend to get loose after entering and exiting your vehicle. Pulling your self up on the steering wheel puts stress the steering column and causes it to become loose. If you do not correct the problem fast by tightening the bolts you will have to replace the entire steering column.. -Henry's locksmith and steering column repair

How do you Replace the ignition on a Chevy S-10 - do you have to remove the steering wheel?

yes you have to pull the steering wheel off, and becareful you don;t loose the spring.

How do you replace a power steering belt on a BMW e30?

Loosen the tensioner pulley. The power steering belt will come loose. Remove the power steering belt. Reverse the process to install the new power steering belt.

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