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It's called an inertia switch, or a fuel pump switch.

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Where is the fuel pump shut off switch for a 1992 Chevy blazer 4x4?

There is none. You just have to disconnect the power to the fuel pump. The wire is located just above the rear license plate holder. Is there a crash reset switch for the fuel pump?

Does cheat engine crash your computer?

people lie on here so they can crash your computer it does crash it.

What is the fuel pump shut off switch?

A fuel pump switch is just a switch to shut of an electrical fuel pump or a electrically controlled fuel pump.There are several control systems for this switch:Most modern cars have an impact triggered fuel pump cut off switch. This is so the car won't burst into flames after a crash.Many cars have an oil pressure triggered switch so if the engine runs out of oil the engine stops.Virtually all modern car have a system where the engine computer runs a fuel pump relay.

How do you break an airplane?

A prooblem in the engine of a crash

Why would a 1994 Explorer not start after a crash?

have you reset the emergency fuel cutoff switch on my 2002 it is located on the front pasenger side behind the trim panal by floor There is device called an 'inertia' switch (it's like a TILT in a pinball game... if anyone knows what those are any more...:))that cuts fuel off to the engine in case of a crash to reduce the raw fuel running to the engine compartment 'adding fuel to the fire'. Reset the switch and you should be good to go. It is also known as a kill switch - it will be located in the back of the vehicle along the inside wheel well of the fuel side.

How do you reset abs light on a 95 s-10 blazer after crash?

The ABS light on a 95 S10 Blazer has to be reset by a mechanic or the dealer. Unplugging the battery on the vehicle will not reset the ABS light.

Why does an airplane crash if the engine fail?

An airplane will crash if the engine fails because the engine pulls the wing forward (and the plane) and the wing creates lift when it is moving forward, so it goes up. If there is no lift, the plane obeys the law of gravity and crashes.

Should the kill switch on a suzuki dr 125 be up or down?

up,that way when and if you crash you can get to the kill switch and shut off the bike.Hope this helps you out. rallyman7

Will cheat engine hurt your computer?

The Cheat Engine will damage your computer clearly. If you want to download the Cheat Engine, it is your risk. The computer may crash and unfortunately break.

Was there a plane crash on Christmas day?

yes the engine froze and it crashed into the mediterranean sea

What caused Aaliyah's plane crash?

It was engine failure. These idiots are saying it crashed into another plane and that's not what happened. Gooogle it, its engine failure.

What is the function of an inertia switch in a ford escort?

The function of an inertia switch is bacically to "stop" the electric fuel pump from causing an explosion in a possible crash involving fuel tank rupture.

When do you have to reset the fuel pump on a 2001 Mercury Villager?

The fuel pump does not normally have to be "reset". If the vehicle is in a crash that causes the inertia switch to trip, the switch will have to be reset before the fuel pump will run.

Dragon amulets in a esay ways?

use cheat engine or crash override. otherwise you must buy it

Does a 2000 Corvette have an inertia switch that would be set if the car was in a bad crash?

contact a local Chevrolet dealr they will be able to confirm that

What are some problems met by astronauts in space?

Sometimes their suits get backed up or their ships may crash or accidentally switch courses

How do you install crash bars on a Honda 500 cbf 2007?

There are various kinds of crash bars available for this bike but they all have in common that they are bolted onto the engine crankcase and the bike frame. It is not possible to answer your question unless knowing exactly what kind of crash bars you are going to use. Get a set of crash bars, fit them into their approximate place and you will see which bolts to unfasten on the engine to fit the bars against the bike. In a few cases extra fasteners may have to be welded against the bike frame. This all depends on the kind of crash bars you have or intend to get.

Can they create an airplane engine that can withstand the crap in the air?

Well, the current engines can. If you are referring to the recent US air crash, there was no real way for engine design to prevent that.

What year did a plane crash into the mount auburn cemetery in cambridge mass?

There was a single engine plane that crashed in the Mount Auburn Cemetery around 1970. I believe one one person died in the crash.

Why did Roberto Clemente plane crash?

Two of the plane's three engines failed shortly after takeoff. This, combined with the plane being above its weight capacity, caused the crash. The cause of the engine failure is unknown.

How quick is an iPhone?

The 4S is FAST! It can switch between like five apps in less than 8 seconds and almost NEVER crash.

Does cheat engine crash your laptop?

It depends what type. I have used one before and it was sucsesful but with these things you should be careful.

How do you put RuneScape on cheat engine?

Cheat Engine isn't that fully compatible with Runescape, it can however wither cause you to get banned without you realising or cause a crash on your computer/Laptop.

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