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first off you need to find out where the draw is, a easy way is to take your negative battery cable off (works on eather side) get test light and hook one end to the end of the battery cable and the other end to the battery terminal, now unplug your hoolight, take your key out of the ignotion, turn all power off in vehicle and shut all doors, if the test lite is lit up any there is a draw that is draining you batter, now get to your fuse panel and pull fuses one by one till the light shuts off, whatever fuse you pulled to shut off the light is your problem area, now make sure after you pull the fuse that you close the door, if you have the door open it will light up the test light. One reason could be that your Alternator needs to be replaced. Some simple checks can be performed to see if the source of the battery draining is the alternator or some device that is remaining on after the ignition switch is turned off. First, have the battery recharged. Jump starting a completely dead battery may damage a good alternator by causing unusually high voltage output. Start the vehicle with the recharged battery and place a voltmeter across the battery terminals. When the car is started, the voltmeter will drop momentarily and then should read about 13.5-14.0 volts indicating the alternator is working.

2007-02-06 19:00:41
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What can cause a car to die?

Sounds like your battery has a weak cell and needs to be replaced.

Why does your scottS lawn mower battery die when taken off charge?

dead & needs replaced.....

On a 1995 Prelude after charging the battery and letting it run for 5 - 10 miles it will die and not start again have replaced alternator and battery what else could be wrong?

bad wiring harnest

Can a battery with 540 cold cranking amps die within 30 days?

Any battery can die at any time. The cold cranking amps of the battery is not a factor. I have even seen brand-new batteries die within 30 days of their purchase so it is possible. Return the battery under the factory warranty.

Why would a car die right after the battery was replaced?

more than likely your alternator is bad. Most auto parts stores will test them for no charge.

Fuel pump runs continuously even when you turn the car off you have to disconnect the negative battery cable in order for the battery not to die?

It's probably a stuck relay.

What could be the reason for 2004 Honda Civic car battery to die after 2 or 3 years?

The battery is worn out and needs ot be replaced depending on the mth warratny it has or the alternator is going out and is draining the battery . A simple check may be the battery cable . take the positive battery cable off while running as well if it dies it's the alternator .

Why does your PSP battery die fast?

if you charge your psp until the orange charging light goes off it should last longer but if you are using the internet on your psp your battery life will die even faster than normal.

Battery or Alternator Car dies while driving even after jump 98 For Escort ZX2 if it is alternator any guesses on price to get it fixed?

bad alternatornot always.if its a bad battery and can't hold a charge the same thing will happen.I had a 99 s-10 that would occasionally die at the pump or even while driving, I had a new defective battery, replaced under warranty, no more problem.I would have the alternator checked out before replacing it if that is the problem. I had my replaced and it wasn't cheap...$630 to be exact. The new alternators run around $200 and most mechanics will change the serpentine belt when they replace the alternator so this MAY be an added expense.If the alt is working properly, you can remove one of the battery cables while the engine is running and it will continue to idle. If it dies then the alt needs to be replaced.

Why did your new battery die on your 92 Lexus ls400?

When my battery kept dying on mines I have the same make and model. First I kept getting it recharged it still kept dying then I got someone to look at it and it was my alternator when I replaced that it did just fine.

Can you tell me why the battery in my 2001 Camry keeps going dead if not driven in two days everything has been checked?

Batteries usually live for 2 years guaranteed, after it can die any moment. Your battery does hold charge, it might have to be replaced. Stop by Autozone or AdvanceAutoParts, they can check your battery for free.

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