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In a 1984 Toyota Supra where is the control module or ignition module?

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The Ignition control module is located under the coil which is on top of the driver side wheel well, Commonly known as an ignitor.

2015-07-16 18:24:44
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I have change the fuel pump and filter the ecu the coil and the module and the distributor why will your 1987 Toyota supra non turbo not start it will turn over but it will not get spark?

try replacing ignition condensor

Where is the ignition coil located on a 1991 Toyota Supra Turbo?

should be right up from the battery

What is faster Nissan 300zx or Toyota supra?

Toyota Supra

When was Toyota Supra created?

Toyota Supra was created in 1979.

Which car is better lancer evolution or Toyota supra?

Toyota Supra.

How do you adjust idle speed for Toyota supra?

you can adjust it via the idle control valve.

Why is the Toyota Supra so awesome?

The Toyota Supra is so awesome because toyota made it like that.

How fast does a Toyota supra go?

The 1998 Toyota Supra Turbo will go 167mph

What car would win between a Toyota supra n a s2000?

A toyota supra

How long was the Toyota Supra on the market?

The Toyota Supra was on the market from 1978 through 2002.

What is the firing order for a Toyota Supra Turbo?

The firing order on a Toyota supra turbo is 1,5,3,6,2,4

How can one get 1000hp from Toyota Supra?

One can easily get their Toyota Supra up to 1000hp. The online Supra Store offers to transform one's Toyota Supra into one of the fastest cars on the road. This store charges for their service.

Is there a Toyota supra fwd?

No. Supra was only built as RWD.

What does the heater control valve look like in a 88 Toyota supra turbo?

its right beside the wiper switch

What is the 0-60 time for a Toyota supra?

The 1998 Toyota Supra Turbo does 0-60 in 5.0 seconds

How many people can legally fit in a Toyota Supra?

4 Passengers can legally fit in a Toyota Supra (MKII-MKIV).

Can you see a vacuum diagram for 1988 Toyota supra?

A link to more information about the Toyota Supra can be found in related links.

How do you replace power steering pump in a 1987 Toyota supra?

How do you replace the power steering pump for a 1987 Toyota Supra?

What is Zac Efrons' favorite type of car?

Toyota Supra from Fast and the Furious Toyota Supra from Fast and the Furious

Why is the Toyota supra the best car?

because it looks awesome and its the fastest Toyota in the world and hulk hogan has one of his own Toyota supra twin turbo

Can a Toyota Supra engine fit on a 1996 Toyota Celica?

No, it will not.

What are the specs on a 98 Toyota supra?

All the specs for a 1998 Toyota Supra are right here

What was the engine model serial code for the 1998 toyota supra?

The engine model serial code for the 1998 Toyota Supra 12092108.

How do you change spark plugs on 1987 Toyota Supra 7M-GTE?

if you have ignition coils you have to remove them and the intake tube (3000) then you can take the spark plugs out

How To Change The Cabin Filter On Toyota Supra 1995?

There is no cabin filter in the Supra line.