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By the carburetor its a round metal looking thing and it has vacuum hoses running into it

if it's fuel injected it's on the passenger side valve cover in the back under the corner of the intake manifold

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Q: In a 1986 full size Ford Bronco where is the PCV valve located?
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What's the weight of a 1986 ford bronco?

The Ford Bronco is categorized in one of five generations, with the 1986 model falling within the 3rd generation. The base curb weight of a 1986 Ford Bronco is approximately 4374 lbs.

Where is the modulator valve located on a 1986 Ford Tempo automatic transmission?

A modulator valve is located inside the case, in front of the modulator.

O2 sensor on an 1986 ford bronco 5.0?

O2 sensors are located in the manifolds & front pipes

Where is PCV valve located on 1987 Ford bronco?

The pcv is located on the passenger side of the motor, under the edge of the intake manifold, in the back.

1986 ford bronco II?

what is the question?

How much does a 1986 Ford Bronco weight?

The base curb weight of the 1986 Ford Bronco is 4,374 pounds. This is for the 4.9 liter North American version.

Does the 1986 Ford Bronco 2 take R134 AC refrigerant?

A 1986 Ford Bronco II would use R12 unless it has been converted

Will a 1993 ford ranger manual transmission fit in a 1986 ford bronco?


How do you check the brake proportioning valve on a 1986 Ford Bronco Eddie Bauer series?

In the 1988 Eddie Bauer version the proportioning valve is part of the brake's master cylinder. Follow the lead - I believe it's the same with the 1986'er...

Can a 1988 ford bronco motor go into a 1986 ford bronco?

yes you may have to inter change a few things but they will fit

What is valve of f 150 1986 truck?

what is valve of ford truck F150 1986

Where is the modulator valve for a 1990 ford bronco?

it should be located on the back passenger side of the tranny...mine just went and my bronco wont shift gears it stays in second... i plan on fixing it tomorow

How easy is it to change the valve covers gasket on 1986 ford bronco with fuel injection?

there not that bad a little time and patiants drivers side is a little tite but not bad

Why 1986 ford bronco crank but no start?

Is there just a gear or a timing chain on a 1985 ford bronco 11 2.8 liter V 6.

1994 ford bronco keeps dying for no reason?

Check your PCV valve.

What is causing your 95 Ford Bronco to idle?

idle air control valve?

Where is the set screw on the throttle cable located on a 1986 ford bronco II with a 2.9?

follow the cable to the throttle body and it is underneath the butterfly

What size gas tank does a 1986 ford bronco have?

33 gallons

Where can you find a soft top for a 1986 ford bronco?

Where is the egr valve located on a 2000 Ford Explorer?

Where is the EGR valve located on a 2000 Ford Explorer

Where is the fuel pump located on a 1992 ford bronco?

On a 1992 Ford Bronco : The electric fuel pump is INSIDE the fuel tank

How much transmission oil does 1986 ford bronco takes?

about 13 quarts.

Where is the throttle positioning sensor located on 1995 ford bronco?

The throttle position sensor on a 1995 Ford Bronco is located on the throttle body. It detects how far the accelerator has been pressed.

Where can you locate the PVC valve on a 1996 ford bronco with the 58 efi?

Ford hid the PCV underneath the intake manifold, in the rear of the passenger side valve cover.

Where is the EGR valve located in a 2001 ford f150?

PCV Valve is located on the Right Valve Cover.