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== 1-to-4 Mode (aka Skip-Shift)
== Simply disconnecting the plug from the sending unit (on the transmission) will disable the "CAGS" (Computer Aided Gear Selection). However, disconnecting the wire may cause an error code from the computer.

Most of the Corvette parts houses (do a WEB search for Corvette parts) sell a kit that installs between the sending unit and the vehicle harness that seals and protects the plugs from dirt and moisture. It will also eliminate the possibility of error codes being generated. It costs approximately $20 USD and takes about ten minutes to install from underneath the car.

NOTICE: The dash indicator for 1-4 Shift will STILLilluminate as usual.

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Q: In a 1995 Corvette LT1 six-speed transmission can the one to four shift mode be disabled?
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Where is shift solenoid Chevy 700r 91 corvette located?

It is bolted to the VALVE BODY that's inside of the transmission. You must remove the transmission pan to get to it.

1984 corvette will not up shift right?

This is most likely a failure of the 700-R4 automatic transmission, as it was with mine.

What kind of a car can I get that has both the auto transmission but you can still shift it if you want to?

The new Chevrolette Corvette has an automatic transmission but it also has a paddle shifter so you can get the feel of having to shift. It will help you save on gas and give you more speed if you want it.

How do you remove the shift knob from a 1999 corvette manual transmission?

First remove the shift knob pattern (it can be pried out with a small screw driver). Next remove the alignment pin with a pair of pliers. Then the shift knob can be unscrewed.

What happens if the OD button in the 95 ford probe is disabled?

if OD button is disabled, the transmission will not shift into overdrive. your car will be running with one less gear, and using more fuel

Why won't 1969 Corvette shifter go into reverse?

The linkage that connects the shift lever to the transmission could be out of adjustment or the reverse gear in the transmission itself could be bad. Usually it's the linkage.

Gear Shift Problems?

Several things can cause Chevrolet Corvette gear shifting problems. Broken gear shift linkage is the most common problem. Worn gears in the transmission is also common.

What fuse makes the transmission shift?

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Some are stick shift (newer ones are 6-speed) some are automatic.

You changed transmission fuild and now it down shift why?

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How do you replace the overdrive switch on a 1988 Corvette with the 4 3 manual transmission?

remove the shift knob,t bar, shifter boot and plate, the switch is attached with 2 screws

Where is the shift solenoid in a lumina trans?

The Chevrolet Lumina shift solenoid can be found on the top of the transmission. The shift solenoid will be near the front of the transmission.

What is wrong when your transmission dont shift out?

your transmission could be shot. if it will not shift at all, then you will need a new one.

What can you do if the gear shift button will not engage and the gear shift is stuck in park so you can't move your 1995 Corvette?

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What is the corvette one to four shift light?

If it is on a manual tranny it is the signal for the optimum time for you to shift for best fuel economy.

Where is the transmission shift solenoid in a 1996 4runner?

On a 1996 4runner the transmission shift solenoid is under the pan in the valve body. There are two shift solenoids on the 4runner.

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A bad transmission gear can cause your 1999 Nissan frontier to shift hard. Low transmission fluid can also cause the transmission to shift hard.

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