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Depends on how long the loan had been in repayment, whether or not it was insured by a non-profit.

Please note that most federal loans are issued by private banks and INSURED by the government.

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Q: In a 1997 bankruptcy was your private student loan discharged if it was not a federal loan but a private loan from a lender?
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When you file chapter 7 bankruptcy and have a private student loan is it discharged with everything else?

Unfortunately no. Both private and federal student loans can not be discharged in Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Do student loans automatically come with filing bankruptcy?

Federal Student loans cannot be discharged in bankruptcy. You must repay them.

Can you file bankruptcy for your student loans and keep your house out of it?

If the student loan is a federal loan and not a private loan then the answer is no. Federal student loans can not be included in bankruptcy, you will always be responsible for repayment of FEDERAL student loans.

Can you apply for a student loan after a filing for bankruptcy?

Only if the bankruptcy is currently discharged.

Can non-school certified private student loans be discharged in bankruptcy?

I heard they can be discharged if one can show that the money was used for expenses not related to school. Can anyone provide evidence of this?

Do you still have to pay for student loans when you file a bankruptcy?

Yes, student loans can not be discharged in bankruptcy. You can consolidate your loans and get a smaller payment.

If you filed bankruptcy before October 17 2005 could private student loans be discharged?

That would depend on whether or not it was insured by a non-profit.

Would bankruptcy eliminate a private student loan for over 100000?

It is possible that a portion of the loans would be discharged in bankruptcy, perhaps all, but that is difficult to assess without all pertinent information. However new bankruptcy reform will become law as of Oct. 17, 2005, which will not allow any student loans to be discharged, with the exception of a valid "undue hardship" defense.

Can i add a student loan in a filing for bankrutpcy?

In the U.S., you can include a student loan in a bankruptcy and try to get it approved for economic hardship, but it rarely works. Federal and private student loans are not eligible to be discharged in bankruptcy and are rarely allowed by judges.If you need help consolidating your default student loans and get a low monthly payment or 3 years of no payment, call Default Management Services. You can Google them. Ask for Doug.

Do you have to include student loans in bankruptcy filing?

can you file student loans on bankruptcy no. But yes you do have to list them in your bankruptcy. And No they will not discharge the debt on them, if they are federal student loans.

How can I find out who purchased my student loans after bankruptcy?

This makes no sense. Sorry. Student loans are not discharged by bankruptcy, and unless the loans are private, they are not sold to other lenders. Typically, loans return to the Loan Service Center of the Department of Education, and are administrated by the Department of Treasury.

Can you consolidate Private student loans into federal student loans?

no. you will have to consolidate separately. with a federal lender then a private lender.

How do you get a student loan forgiveness?

This is a VERY hard thing to get and rarely are student loans discharged. Additionally, student loans are not discharged in either a chapter 13 or chapter 7 bankruptcy proceeding. In the event that a student loan is discharged, the court requires a showing of extreme difficulty in paying the money back.

Can you file bankruptcy on student loans?

Sadly, yes. What a way to start your life though. Adding that to your resume is not a great idea. Student loans are not usually discharged in bankruptcy. While in bankruptcy, collection efforts will cease until the bankruptcy becomes inactive.

How long are federal student loans take before they are forgiven?

I don't think they're ever forgiven. I know they're one of the special categories of debt that isn't discharged by bankruptcy.

Is a student loan considered federal?

In the U.S., student loans can be Federal or Private.Stafford, PLUS, and Perkins loans are Federal. Most others are private.

Can you file an adversary proceeding for a discharge of your student loans if you filed bankruptcy 6 years ago?

It's my understanding that student loans are not discharged by bankruptcy any longer. YOu should check this, though

Does a cosigner have to replay a federal student loan if the student dies?

Federal student loans do not currently have cosigners. Parents who take out federal PLUS loans for their kids often think they are a cosigner, when they are actually the sole borrower. All federal student loans are discharged if the student dies.

Are private student loans dischargeable in bankruptcy?

It depends upon the type of bankruptcy whether federal or state. In most cases they can be included in the BK but, in certain applicable cases the lender can have the stay lifted and the loan debt excluded from BK.

If you default on a student loan does that stay on your record after you file for a Bankruptcy?

Any debt listed (or should have been listed) in your bankruptcy can be reported as discharged for the ten years the bankruptcy can be reported. Since a student loan cannot be discharged without proving a hardship (the difficulty of which varies from state to state and even court to court), the default can probably be reported as long as it remains unpaid.

How do you discharge student loans in chapter 7 bankruptcy?

If they are gvernment insured or guaranteed, they CANNOT be discharged. It i one of the big exceptions.

If you file bankruptcy do you have to still pay off student loan?

Govt insured or guaranteed loans are NOT able to be discharged in BK.

Can private student loans be consolidated with federal student loans?

Sometimes private student loans can be consolidated depending on certain factors including the rules of your lender, whether you are in deferrment or default and your credit score. You cannot however, consolidate federal student loans and private student loans together.

where can I get a private student loan?

Private student loans are credit-based, non-federal student loans that can help you cover any school expenses you have remaining when scholarships, grants, and federal student loans arenat enough.

Are all student loans issued by the Federal Government?

No..there are also private student loans.