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The rain gutter beneath your wipers is full of sludge or leaves etc. YOu need to pop off the plastic cover that spans the whole windshield and muck out the sludge. Reassenble when done. The gutter is full at the moment and water will overflow it. Had exact same problem.

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How do you reduce noise coming through your home windows?

Short of replacing the windows or heavy curtains, not much you can do...

Where is blower motor resistor at Nissan Pathfinder 1990?

under the glove box. on the heater assembaly there is a rectangle piece of plastic with 2 bolts and a 4 or 5 pin heavy gauge wire harness attached to it

How heavy is a 3000000 btu national heater?

2500lbs - 3000lbs

Where is the Suburban blower resistor location?

inside the blower housing. There is a phenolic block screwed to the blower housing, it has the wires for the intermediate speeds on it. It is more likely that the switch in the dash is burnt out. A quick fix for heavy duty snow plow use is to run a hot wire from the batt to a heavy duty switch under the dash, then to the hot lead of the blower. Control the temp with the temp slider in the dash. You didn't really want fifteen amps of power going through your fuse block and ignition switch anyway, did you? Don't forget to turn it off when you park it.

How effective is a snow blower on a lawn tractor?

Attaching a snow blower to your tractor can be a very effective way of heavy snow removal. The company Berco make a snow blower that is made to attach to your tractor. It has received great reviews.

How do I have my electric water heater repaired fromiving excessive hot water?

Inspect bottom of tank by looking through combustion chamber. If water marks or heavy rusting is noticed or if water is noticed setting in combustion chamber bottom, then the water heater needs to be replaced.

When Is heavy rain coming out of the PSP?

there is not going to be a heavy rain for psp. it is only for playstation 3.

Is heavy rain coming out with a sequel?

i think they are thinking about it

What is the cause of a rubber or plastic smell coming from a heater in a 2000 cavalier?

I've been trying to find this out too (for a mark III Golf). The smell's more noticeable in heavy traffic, I sometimes see smoke coming out of the air vents when the air's not switched on, and find condensation on the windscreen. It seems to be a problem with the cooling system. The coolant leaks onto the engine where it's burnt off. Maybe the heater core?

Fleetwood brougham BLOWER won't turn on?

I have a 1978 coupdiville cadillac my blower quit working and there is a relay above your fuse box and if it goes bad your heater wont turn on. I had to replace it with a after market heavy duty relay away from where it is originally plugged in. Also my ground wire connection was dirty and wouldn't turn on until I cleaned the connection so try that and see if it works or you might need to replace the motor.

What weighs heavy going forward but not coming back?


When will heavy rain be coming out for the ps3?

The current release date for Heavy Rain is Tuesday, February 16, 2010.

What is heavy continuous rain?

Heavy continuous rain is lots of rain coming down that lasts for a long time.

Can you use 20W50 in a poulan snow blower?

I wouldn't recommend it. You use the snow blower when it is cold, sometimes very cold. You wouldn't want that heavy weight oil in the engine when you try to start it unless you store the snow blower in a heated garage. I run 5W-30 in mine.

How do heavy metals get into your water supply?

From the pipes and plumbing coming into your home. :)

Can you plug a 1500 watt space heater to a heavy duty power cord?

It depends on the voltage of the supply and the correct required voltage for the heater, which should be the same. But 1500 watts is not a very heavy load so a heavy duty power cord should be all right. At 120 volts the cord should be able to supply 12.5 amps.

Where is located block heater plug 4300 international truck?

The block heater plug on a 4300 International truck is located just behind the battery. A heavy duty outdoor cord will be necessary to plug the block heater into an electrical outlet.

What kind of clothing would you have to wear for the seasons of Pluto?

You would need clothing with several different degrees of insulation, ranging from heavy, through very heavy, extremely heavy, awesomely heavy, and astronomically heavy, to incredibly heavy and impractically heavy.

How do the astronauts keep warm in the space station?

In a space station to keep warm you would use a space heater(heater) to keep warm. Space is cold so wearind heavy cloths would help.

If a 97 cat 3116 had excessive blow-by through crank case vent tube and was hard to start when set overnight but you plugged block heater in heavy smoking stopped while idling and engine started right?

Did you overfill the oil?

What is the solution for what smells like engine coolant to be blown through the air vents of a 1998 GMC Jimmy?

your heater core element needs replaced. expect a heavy repair bill $150 - $200. They would have to pull your dash board off to get to it...

How did South Africa develop?

Firstly through agriculture then through mining and finally through services and heavy industry

Why do you get a heavy exhaust odor and film on windows when you turn on the heat in your '93 S10 pickup?

There is a very small leak in the heater core that is collecting in the vent system and is evaporating out when you turn the heater on. The smell is from the antifreeze in the water.

What type of cloud may mean that a heavy snow is coming?

I think it is nimbostatus but don't quote me on it.

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