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In a Chevy cavalier a head light can adjust at the top or bottom where does it adjust in a 1989 Chevy cavalier top or bottom?


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if i remember correctly, it is a top or rear adjust, ive never really looked at mine but i believe my autobodyist said it was rear adjust cause i needed a new headlight and they came top or rear adjust

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The service light indicator on a 2004 Chevy Cavalier tells its owners when to send the vehicle in for maintenance. To reset the light, unplug the battery for five seconds.

Location of horn on 97 Chevy cavalierit is inside the front right bumper by the marker light

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The price for a fog light on a Chevy Cavalier varies slightly by the year of the car. This part can be purchased between 20.50 and 24.99 at most auto stores.

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The Chevrolet Cavalier low gas warning light goes on when there is 1.5 gallons of gas left. The average Cavalier can go approximately 40 miles.

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could be the oxygen sensor. that's what it was on mine.

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There is a short somewhere in the circuit.

If I could answer this question, then I wouldn't be asking it. Now would I?

Ensure the light is switched to come on only if door open.

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