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In a database What columns of table are called?


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They are called 'fields'. For example, the primary key is always a field in the table. If you're looking at a database table in datasheet view (so that it looks like Excel) then each column is a 'field' and each row is a "record". Therefore a field called "Date of Birth" would be part of a record stating all specific "Employee Details" etc.

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In database the data is stored in the form of a table. A table can be seen as some number of rows and columns. And the row of the database table is called a record .

A database is said to be a collection of records and the data is stored in the table. A table consist of number of rows and columns. Row in the database table is known as a record .

A field is a term associated with databases. Columns in spreadsheets can be related to fields in a database. It is possible to set up a database in a spreadsheet, so in that case a group of columns with data could be like a database table. A database table consists of fields.

The access object that holds data in your database is called a table. It stores it in rows and columns.

In todays date the data is stored generally in the form of table. The table in database has some rows and columns. And each row of a database table is known as a record.

Columns are added to a table, not a database (which is a collection of tables). Adding a column to a table is achieved by using the Alter Table SQL command.

In a relational databaseA field is called a column.A record is called a row (of multiple columns).A file is called a table (of multiple rows).

Table is a collection of data from a database, that is displayed in rows and columns.

A table is a component of a database that stores data in rows and columns

The columns in the periodic table are called columns.

No. In a database table the records are in rows and the fields are in columns.

The columns in periodic table are called Groups. They are also called Families.

In database, Table refers to a structure which contains rows and columns. Data can be stored in these rows and columns in arranged manner.

The vertical columns are called "Groups''The horizontal columns are called "Periods"The vertical columns of the periodic table are known as groups.

The columns in the periodic table are called groups, or families. The rows in a periodic table are called periods.

A table in a database contains a collection of records (or rows). Each record contains one or more fields (or columns).

rows in a periodic table are called PERIODS columns in a periodic table are called GROUPS.

A table is contained within the database and consists of columns and rows. A table is meant to store data and, in relational databases, are related to other tables within the same database.

Yes. Tables in general are made up of rows and columns. If it is a database table it can be said to be made up of records which are rows and fields which are columns.

The columns on the periodic table are called families and the rows are called periods

The vertical columns of the periodic table are called groups or families.

Columns in the periodic table are called "groups" and there are 18 groups in the periodic table.

Table is a physical construct that has rows and columns. It similar in many forms to a database.

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