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a mountain gorilla would win because there bulky and super strong it would win with a slam or punch

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Q: In a fight between a silverback gorilla and an African lion who would win?
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What can a silverback gorilla do?

Silverback gorillas climb trees, eat fruits, and fight each other.

What win in a fight between a lion and a silver back gorilla?

A silverback gorilla is much stronger than a lion, and it can climb trees fast. A lion weighs 550 pounds at most, while a silverback gorilla weighs 400 pounds. A silverback gorilla might have a chance to win the lion, but it depends on the gorilla's size, the location, and if its day time or not.

Who will win in a fight between a cane corso and a silverback gorilla?

Seriously, silver-back gorillas will fight and kill any animals that comes to disturb them. A silverback gorilla will get angry and fight if the cane corso came to attack with anger. The silver-back gorilla, which is much smarter and much larger, has super tough skin to protect itself from the cane corso's bite. In addition, if a silverback gorilla can kill wild dogs, it has no problem with the cane corso.

Who would win a fight a silverback gorilla or a black bear?

The black bear would win.

Who would win a fight between a lion and a gorilla?

I dont know, probably a Gorilla cause they're really strong and can beat the Lion up. So I would say a Gorilla. And if its a Silverback Gorilla, yes, they would definitely win, against both Male and Female Lions.

Who would win in a fight between a silverback gorilla and a leopard?

The leopard will win due to its carnivorousness, teeth, speed, and sharp claws that can maul the gorilla to death. An adult gorilla cannot stand against a leopard.Yes, if its nightime and the gorilla cant see, but if the gorilla sees a leopard it could kill it with one swing of its mighty arm, though theres a good chance the leopard would just run away.

Who would win in a fight between a gorilla and a cougar?

Probably the gorilla, as cougars do not like to fight an animal that will stand up to it and be prepared to fight it.

Lion vs gorilla?

a full grown African lion could destroy a gorilla a lion has more weapons in a fight and a lion can easily make a gorilla loose it's balance.

Who would win a fight between a silver back gorilla and an elephant?

Gorilla vs Elephant? The Elephant no contest

Who would win in a fight between 20 lions and 4 silverback grizzly bears with large gorilla muscles?

First of all, if the 4 grizzly bears have gorilla muscles, they could destroy 10 lions in a minute. That also means they could probably destroy 20 lions in less than 5 minutes depending on the condition, temperature, and size.

Who would win in a fight between a small man and a gorilla?

Probably the gorilla, unless the small man was armed with a gun.

Who will win a silverback gorilla or a bull?

Most likely the bull will win because it will gore the gorilla with its sharp horns to death. Since gorillas can only throw things or use their chests to fight, they will not beat bulls, especially when the bull is angry. Gorillas and bulls are not predators, but bulls are more skilled in fighting.