In a fight between the Z Warriors and the DC or Marvel Characters who would win?

Marvel and DC, there are just too many characters with too wide a range of abilities making it impossible for the Z Senshi to defend or attacks them all.

The Z Senshi cannot survive in space, and their attacks while powerful will not be totally effective on a decent amount of characters.

Its all of ~10 Z Senshi vs 10,000 characters. With all sorts of immortals and reality warpers and so on..

In reference to the claims of Z Senshi being Galaxy Busters.

A Galaxy has a MASS over 193,111,000,000,000,000 times greater than a planet.

Lets assume Roshi could blow up the Earth with a Power Level of 139, to be a Galaxy Buster a character would need a Power Level of 26,842,429,000,000,000,000...

Now AT stopped making Power Levels back in Freeza saga but I don't think anyone would claim that Goku ever reached a power level of 28.8 Quintillion.

A Universe is an order of billions of times greater than that. Its absolutely foolish to claim such nonsense.. Meanwhile in Marvel a side effect of Galactus fighting was galaxies being destroyed.

My money would go to marvel because of the various powers and abilities that can effect DC comics and their strength is amazing!

Moot points are moot considering power levels aren't linear i.e. Master Roshi busted the moon with a PL of 139. 28 farmers with shotguns; each with a static PL of 5 each, would struggle to bust a house let alone the moon. So yes - Kid Buu would have to be billions ~ trillions of times stronger than Master Roshi but his PL wouldn't have to be anywhere near that high.

Moot eh? Lets examine your logic. 5 Farmers with Shotguns can't blow up a moon but less than 10 billion people can blow up a Galaxy?

Regardless you seem to miss that Kid Buu could easily be a trillion times stronger than Roshi(with an exceptionally non-linear and low power level) and still be 5 orders of magnitude too weak to destroy a Galaxy.

..and even if he was a Galaxy Buster he'd still be billions of times weaker than a universe buster. Which is the point because Marvel and DC both have characters that have destroyed galaxies as a side effect of them fighting.. Not to mention the Universal threats and Multiversal threats in both.

Moot? Yea Kid Buu is pretty moot.