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Squat and make yourself as small as possible with as little contact with the ground as possible. DO NOT EVER GO UNDER ANY KIND OF TREE OR POST!!!! you will get electricuted.X0

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What Should You Never Do In a Lightning storm?

Never stand under a tree, it can get hit by lightning, and you can get hit too!

Why is it important not to stand outside in a lightning storm?

Because lightning can strike and kill you. You are much safer indoors.

A storm that produces lightning is a?

A storm that produces lightning is called a thunderstorm or a lightning storm. Lightning can be stationary or move around.

Why should you never be in water during a lightning storm?

You should never be in the water because lightning conducts through water.

Why is an electrical storm dangerous?

Assuming that you mean a thunder and lightning storm, it is dangerous to swim because water is a conductor to electricity similarly to metal. If the storm is close, meaning you can see the lightning, you should get out of the pool immediately because it is possible that lightning will strike the pool.

What do you get when you cross lightning storm with a cashew?

When you cross a lightning storm with cashews you get nuts and bolts.

What if you are outside during a storm and hair stands up?

If your hair stands on end when you are outside in a lightning storm it means that you are likely to be struck by lightning. You should squat, keeping your feet apart.

What do you get when you cross a lightning storm with a cashew farm?

When you cross a lightning storm with cashews you get nuts and bolts.

When was the most recent lightning storm?

The most recent lightning storm happened in the past minute.

Can a lightning storm ruin a computer?

If it is struck by lightning

What should you not do when you are outside during a lightning storm?

You should not be next to any trees or metal. Trees are often struck by lightning and catch on fire easily . Anything metal attracts the lightning as well. When you are outside during lightning try to not go by anything metal or trees as if stay in a more open space. It could be very dangerous if your outside during a lightning storm .

When was the Paris lightning storm?

there has been sevral lightning storm in Paris and ive move there in 2001, the most spectacular lightning storm i saw was in august 2003 and 2005 and July 2006

Is there a way to harvest lightning?

Yes...stand outside during an electical storm holding a tall iron rod in the air:)

What happens after a thunderstorm?

after a lightning storm there is no more storm

What do you need to do during a lightning storm?

If you hear thunder or see lightning in the distance & you are outdoors, you should really move into a sturdy shelter ASAP. If no house or building is available, then you need to move quickly into a car. DO NOT stand under tree's or stand in an open field. Lightning is attracted by water, metal, and high objects. You should also lookout for dark, stormy clouds moving into the area because that is definitely a sign of an approaching storm. You should also turn on an AM/FM radio, NOAA Weather Radio, or your local TV news network for updates on your local weather. DO NOT take a bath or shower during a storm (Water attracts water, like I said above).

What kind of storm has lightning and thunder?

Any storm that has lightning and thunder is a thunderstorm. It wouldn't matter if there was snow, rain or no precipitation falling, if there is lightning it is a thunderstorm

What should you do when a storm surprises you in a countryside?

You should never stand under a tree. You should crouch down but not lay flat on the ground. when you crouch or stoop down you decrease your size. If you lie down you increase your size and are making a bigger target for a lightning strike. Never stoop near water or large power lines. Just remember if you hear thunder, there is lightning and a potential for a lightning strikel.

What is the most common storm thunderstorms hurricanes tornadoes or lightning?

Thunderstorms are most common type. Lightning is not a type of storm, but something produced by a storm.

Advantages of lightning and thunder storm?

advandages of lightning and thunder

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