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In a solution, the solvent is what does the dissolving. The item that it is dissolving is known as the solute.

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What is a solvent in a solution?

The solvent is the substance that dissolves another in a solution

What is the solvent in an aqueous solution?

The solvent in an aqueous solution is water.

What is the role of a solvent in a solution?

A solvent is the what you add to the solution and the solute is the liquid already in the solution.

What is the relationship between solvent and solution?

A solution contain the solvent and the solute (the substance dissolved in the solvent).

Does solute include solution and solvent?

No, but a solution includes solute and solvent. The solute is the substance to be dissolved and when added to a solvent, it produces a solution.

Which part of a solution does the dissolving?

The solvent and the solvent dissolves the solute in a solution

What is the solvent in a aqueous solution?

For an aqueous solution the solvent is water - H2O.

Solution and solvent in salt water?

The solvent is water, the solute is salt; solvent and solute form a solution.

Which is the solvent in a solution?

The solvent is the substance which dissolve the solute; for a sugar solution water is the solvent and sugar the solute.

Does the solvent make up the larger part or the smaller part of a solution?

A solution is composed of a solvent and solute. A solute is disolved in the solvent. Therefore, the solvent is the larger part of a solution.

What is a solution What is a solute What is a solvent?

Solute is the substance dissolved in a solvent.Solvent is a liquid able to dissolve a solute.Solution is the mixture of solvent and solute.

When making a solution what is the job of the solvent?

1. When making a solution, what is the job of the solvent?

What is the definition for a solvent in science?

A solvent is the liquid in a solution that dissolves the substance in the solution.

What do you add to solvent to make a solution?

To make a solution you add a solute to a solvent.

Is water a solution or a solvent?

water is the UNIVERSAL solvent. It dissolves the solute in a solution.

In a liquid to liquid solution which component is the solvent?

The solvent has a higher percentage in the solution.

What are 3 example of solute and solvent?

Solvent and Solute make a Solution (Solvent + Solute = Solution). The Solvent dissolves the Solute substance. Examples: Solvent- Water Solute - Sugar Solution - Sugar water Solvent - Milk (hot) Solute - Cocoa powder Solution - Hot Cocoa Solvent - Water Solute - Kool-Aid powder Solution - Kool-Aid

Is a sugar cube a solute solvent or solution?

solution ------- Sugar dissolved in water: sugar is the solute, water is the solvent; and the solute plus the solvent - is a solution !

What is a solution with a lower solvent concentration?

A solution with lower solvent concentration than a similar solution will be more concentrated. This is because concentration is a ration of solute to solvent.

What is the relationship between a solute a solvent and a solution?

a solution is a mixture. a solute is the part of a solution that is dissolved and the solvent is what dissolves the solute in the solution

In a solution the solvent is?

Solvent is the largest amount in the solution. Example: water and salt. the water is the solvent because it overcomes the salt.

What is the composition of a solution?

Solution: a solute (or more) in a solvent. Solute: the dissolved substance in a solvent. The solute must be soluble in the solvent.

What happens to a solution when you add more solvent?

Adding more solvent will dilute a solution.

What is the difference between a solution and a solvent?

A solution is developed when a solvent mixes with a solute to make it.

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