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The control group.

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The biology term of control?

A control group in an experiment is a group or individual that serves as a standard of comparison with another group or individual to which it is identical except for one factor.

What group that serves as a standard of comparison with another group that is identical except for one factor?

This is called the dependent variable.

If a set of identical twins married another set of identical twins and each had a child would those children show up as siblings on a DNA test?

A standard DNA test would rank them as siblings.

How do you use a sentence of experiment?

Let's do another experiment!

What do scientist do when a hypothesis is not supported by an experiment?

Scientists then state another hypothesis and test it out with another experiment.

Another word for identical?


What is another word for same?


How does the charge of one electron compare with that of another?

Every electron is identical. Not similar, IDENTICAL.

What is another word for control group in an experiment?

Placebo Group Comparison Group This was a conversation we had tonight with our daughter and it was driving me crazy. It just came to me....were you thinking of CONSTANT?

What is another word for relative?


If I had identical twins 3 years ago what are my changes of having another set of identical twins?

The same as when you had the first set of identical twins.

A comparison where one object is said to be another?

a metaphor unless the comparison includes like or as then a simile

Can Discoveries and ideas generated in one experiment be used for another experiment?


What is a comparison?

to compare something to another thing

What is another word for comparison?

contrast or juxtaposition

What is another word for exactly the same?

Another word for exactly the same is identical.

What does clone mean?

A cell or organism that is identical to another but is another individual form of it.

What is another word that means exactly alike?


What is another word for Exactly alike?

Your word is: "Identical" !

These are organisms that come from the same cell and are genetically identical to one another?

Clones contain identical genetic information.

Are the two sister chromatids that are connected by a centromere identical to one another?

Two sister chromatids that are connected by a centromere are identical to one another. They are duplicate copies of a chromatin.

Can a hypothesis be disproven by another experiment?

Dude, a hypothesis can be disproven by the experiment you're working on.

What is another word for experiment in a science project?

A synonym for 'experiment' as in a science project is investigation.

What options does a scientist have if experiment does not support hypothesis?

a scientist can do another experiment or change their hypothesis.

How would you use the word experiment in a sentence?

I'll not try another experiment like that!