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Q: In an information document the state prosecutor swears that?
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Related questions

Who is a notary witness?

A notary witness is a person that has gotten a license from their state to witness or watch when a person signs a document. The notary swears he saw the document signed by signing his/her own name to the document and/or stamping the document with a seal that he has.

Can a notary be a witness on Will and notarize the document?

Unless specifically forbidden to do so by state statute a Notary Public, by their very office, IS a witness to the document. The signatory swears in front of the Notary that whatever is in the document that they are signing is the truth, and then signs it in front of the Notary, who then puts their seal and signature on it.

What is state prosecutor?

A state prosecutor represents the people of that state in criminal prosecutions and associated matters.

Are there any swears in the song empire state of mind?


What are the roles of a private prosecutor?

(in the US) There is no such thing as a "private" prosecutor. The Prosecutor's Office represents the government (either state or federal) and the prosecutors are employees of the government.

Who governs the prosecutor?

The overall 'boss' of a state prosecutor is the State's Attorney General. The prosecutors office is part of the Executive Branch of government - not the Judicial Branch.

Who is the chief prosecutor for the state?

Attorney General

This person is the chief prosecutor for the state?

Attorney General

Who is the state prosecutor in To Kill a Mockingbird?

Mr. Gilmer

Who acts as a state's chief prosecutor?

attorney genaral

What are the duties of a criminal prosecutor?

His mandate is "the quest for justice." He is the "people's prosecutor." His function is to prosecute crimes committed against the "people of the state."

Is an LLC document registered with the State a public document?

Yes. Articles of incorporation (i.e. "charters") for corporations, and LLC documents (sometimes called "articles of organization," though it varies by state) are generally public documents once they're filed with the Secretary of State. The website for your state's Secretary of State will have more specific information on LLC documents in your state.

How many years does it take to become a criminal justice prosecuting state's attorney?

A prosecutor is a government lawyer who investigates and tries criminal cases. Depending upon jurisdiction the title of the prosecutor various, some jurisdictions refer to a prosecutor as a district attorney, commonwealth attorney, county attorney, or a state's attorney.A prosecutor has jurisdiction over all criminal matters that occur within the county that employs the prosecutor.As a prosecutor is an attorney that specializes in criminal prosecution, an individual would need at a minimum a bachelors degree, a law degree preferably from an accredited law school, and admission to the state bar.

What does a prosecutor have to do to prove that aggravated assault with a deadly weapon actually happened?

Get the trier of fact, usually a jury, but sometimes a judge, that the evidence establishes the elements of the crimes. The prosecutor can also offer a plea and have the accused admit that he committed the crime. Every case is different. If you need information on a state or federal criminal case, seek information from your attorney or from an attorney at your local public defender's office.

Is a prosecutor a lawyer?

Yes. It is just what the person who represents the State is called in criminal matters. So if you're on trial the guy trying to get you convicted is the prosecutor.

Does the state prosecutor have to get new jurors after a mistrial has been declared?

If a mistrial has been declared, a new jury is seated if the prosecutor brings the case again.

Who files charges at the state level?

The State Attorney's Office, as usually represented by an Assistant State's Attorney - usually referred to as the prosecutor or, "the State."

Who decides whether or not alleged attacker will be prosecuted?

Generally speaking, in the US, the local or state prosecutor decides if an alleged attacker will be charged with a crime. If there is enough evidence, in the mind of a prosecutor, then legal proceedings will begin. In some cases, however, the prosecutor will have a Grand Jury decide to either follow the prosecutor's recommendation, or not to.

Who is the prosecution in a criminal case?

"The State" functions as the prosecutor in a criminal case.

What is the job of a state attorney general?

The Chief Prosecutor of the state, and the state's legal counsel, and other duties as assigned by that particular state's law or governor.

What is the job of a state's attorney general?

The Chief Prosecutor of the state, and the state's legal counsel, and other duties as assigned by that particular state's law or governor.

How do you find a former prosecutor to ascertain if he was ever admitted to the Bar in NY state?

Contact the State Bar Association.

What is the Secretary of State of Texas Advisory 2006-08?

That's Easy, Phil Wilson, and His job is To enter basic document information into a database

What does Held for state in criminal case?

It sounds like the defendant is being detained, or will be detained, at the request of the state pending (presumably) charges by the state prosecutor.

What is the difference between a certifcate of live birth and a certificate of birth registration?

Certification of Live Birth" is a short-form birth certificate. The information included in the document may differ from state to state.

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