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in ancient Greece was it peaceful or warlike?

Peaceful in the sence they were a comunity and comunitys work on the basis of peace and war like in that ancient greace was often at war

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Is Blackfoot tribe warlike or peaceful?


Where the Apaches warlike or peaceful?

warlike they fight alot

Is Maryland peaceful or warlike?

Back then, Maryland was warlike.

Where zuni peaceful?

where zuni peaceful or warlike

Was the Mayan civilization people warlike or peaceful?


Was the Jumano Indian tribe peaceful or warlike?

They were peaceful

What is the antonym for warlike?


Were the lenape peaceful or warlike?

They were relatively peacefulmost of the time.

Were the zuni peaceful or warlike?

Yes they are

Were the crow Indians peaceful or warlike?

get the answer

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rowdy warlike noisy

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What change did the aryans bring to India warlike or peaceful?

the caste system

Were the cree Indians warliked or peaceful?

They were pretty warlike. Many of their leader go into disputes.

With what countries does Greece have peaceful coexistence?

They do not have peaceful coexistance with Turkey.

Where did formal theater begin?

In Ancient Greece In Ancient Greece In Ancient Greece

What types of ceremonies did they perform and were they peaceful or warlike?

Your question cannot be answered because you did not say who you're asking about.

How did the Mayans view war?

The mayans were very smart,intelligent people they were warlike put mostly peaceful.

Is ancient Greece and Greece the same thing?

no Greece now has different imports and exports then ancient Greece. and ancient Greece is Greece int the past.

Who were the Thracian's?

The Thracians were pa group of peoples who lived to the northeast of Greece, in present day Bulgaria and European Turkey. The Thracians who lived in mountain areas were regarded as warlike and ferocious . Those who lived in the plains were seen as more peaceful.

Name the two periods in ancient Greece?

Ancient Greece, Classical Greece, Hellenistic Greece.

What was the population in ancient Greece?

what was the population of the ancient Greece

Where did yodeling come from?

ancient Greece ancient Greece

What was in ancient Greece?

The Olympics were invented in Ancient Greece