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dressed as men and sneaked in.

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Q: In ancient Greece what did women do in the Olympics games could they compete?
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Who could compete in the Ancient Greece Olympics?

men were the only ones alowed to compete

Could women compete in the ancient Olympics?

No Not at all

Did Ladies do the Ancient Greeks Olympics?

No, ladies were not allowed to compete in the ancient greek Olympics until much later then men. The first recorded Olympics were in 776BC, but women could not compete for another 500 years. Glad i could help :)

Who could compete in the Olympics game in ancient Greece?

only grreks boy taht were citizen Translation: Only Greek boys that were citizens (seriously dude, learn how to spell)

What are five top similarities between ancient and modern Olympics?

Similarities 1. Held every four years 2. There are many of the same events 3. They compete Differences 1. Only men could compete in ancient Olympics 2. Ancient Olympics were held to honor the ancient Greek god, Zeus 3. They didn't have ice skating, bobsledding, or the luge in ancient Olympics 4. In the ancient Olympics the men had to compete nude

Who could compete in the greek Olympics?


Who were the winners of Ancient Greek Olympics?

Any Greek that deserved to win and could/did compete in the olympics. Sorry I don't know much about the greek olympics. One person who won was remaro carne

Could women compete in Greek ancient Olympics?

No, it was a male-only religious celebration to Zeus. Women had their own religious ceremonies.

Who played sports in ancient greece-?

Only free men who spoke Greek could compete, instead of athletes from any country.

What could you do at the age of 54 to compete in the 2012 Olympics?


Who could watch the ancient Olympics?

no one could on tv or electrical things but men and women could watch, only wealthy men could compete and poets plus sculptors were there is well

Who particapted in the ancient olympic games?

people came from all over ancient Greece after they were approved to be in the Olympics because they had to be good enough. so pretty much anyone who was good enough to participate in the Olympics and was a citizen of a Greek city could participate in the Olympics.

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