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Yes. This is often how the ancients would classify their plants and animals.

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In ancient times did people classified plants and animals using the binomial nomenclature system?

No. In ancient times, people classified plants and animals by use. Binomial nomenclature started to become common in the 1700s.

In ancient times people classified plants and animals using the binomial nomenclature system is this true or false?


What are other ways by which plants and animals can be classified?

plants and animals are classified as living things

Why are plants and animals classified?

Animals are important because its good for you

How are plants and animals classified?

taxon system

How are plants classified?

plants are classified by people putting plants in three different groups

How did domestication of animals and plants lead development of towns?

the domesitcation of plants and animals gave people in ancient times a stable food supply

Are all organisms classified by animals or plants?


How did Aristotle classified plants?

aristotle classified plants and animals based on the phylum, vertebra,invertebra,with their shape,height,etc........

Why do animals and people depend on plants?

Animals and people depend on plants, because plants have oxygen and animals and people eat plants.

Resources formed from the remains of ancient plants and animals?

Resources formed from the remains of ancient plants and animals are called fossil fuels.

Why are insects and birds classified as animals instead of plants?

Because plants can not move, but birds and insects can. Plants and animals are different in many ways.

Something that eats plants as well as animals is classified as a?


A type of fiber that is made from plants or animals is classified as?


How many kingdom that organisms are classified?

animals, fungi and plants.

What are two different ways cells are classified?

plants and animals

How did plants and animals get domesticated along these ancient river civilization?

Plants and animals were certainly domesticated along ancient river civilizations. Humans brought these animals and plants and grew and bred them according to their needs.

Is an onion classified as a living organism?

Definitely, all plants and animals (and more) are classified as living organisms.

Kingdom composed of eukaryotes that are not classified as plants animals or fungi?


What are Aristotle classified plants into three groups based on what?

legs and animals

How are animals classified according to the food they eat?

Animals are classified as follows depending on what they eat: If the eat only plants they are herbivores. If they eat only meat they are carnivores. If they eat both plants and meat they are omnivores.

Why do animals and people defend on plants?

because the people wants a plants and plants give oxygen to people and the they can eat the plants,the people can smell like animals.

What are Ancient Incas natural resources?

plants and animals

Made from ancient plants and animals?

Fossil fuel

What preserve ancient remains of plants and animals?