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In any state is it illegal to commit suicide?

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March 23, 2010 2:19PM

Well I don't think you can charge someone for killing themselves.


That's true, but if you attempt suicide and live, as so many maimed unfortunate people do, then you can be charged for a lot of expenses. Suicide also nullifies life insurance policies, so it costs a lot more for the people left behind. It is a big mess all around. My mom worked in a hospice taking care of several people who had tried to commit suicide and just succeeded in making their lives more unbearable (one guy tried to shoot himself, and his gun slipped and he blew his face off, but didn't touch his brain... so he had to live with an open wound for a face... for a long time).

It's an all-around bad idea... especially for the people left behind who have to clean up the mess.

It is illegal in Alaska. The penalty for attempted suicide is death.