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No, but you can buy a map of all the feathers and once there arent any more feathers on the map you found them all in that city

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What city is Leonardo at in assassins creed 2?

He begins in Florence, then moves to Venice later in the story. At the end, in memory sequence 14 he can be found in Montigerionni. (The Villa)

Is assassins creed 2 better than the first?

Yes. There are more weapons, scenarios, and extra features to play with. I found Assassins Creed (1) Repetitive.

Where do you find Leonardo after you collect all the Codex Pages in Assassins Creed 2?

Depending on where you are in the Memory Sequence he can be found in Florence, Venice or Montigerionni (The Villa). He is only in the Villa for Memory Sequence 14. Otherwise you can look for the "L" on the map in Florence or Venice to find him.

How do you earn money in Assassins creed 3?

i have had assassins creed 3 since it came out in old assassins creed i would pickpocket people but as it takes longer now i found the best way is to hunt for animals in the forest (Johns forest is best for elk and bears) and then sell the meat in the general stores.

Where are glyphs on assassins creed 2?

They are found in every city in the game with the exception of Roma. They're usually found on the sides of buildings or on rooftops.

What are assassins creed brotherhood cheats?

All games in the Assassin's Creed series do not enable gamers to use cheat codes. If any codes are found online they are false.

Where to Download Assassins Creed Rogue Trainer PC Steam?

Found the trainer here - cheatitright dot com Cheers

What town is Leonardo da vinci in after you found the 30 codex pages in assassins creed 2?

Leonardo Da Vinci moves to Venice after one of the main missions, despite how many Codex pages you have retrieved. Do not worry about finding him because he brings you with him during that mission.

What does the end of Assassins Creed 2 mean?

Desmond, Rebecca, Shaun and Lucy need to go to a different hideout because Warren has found them.

How do you get demo of assassins creed III liberation demo?

no i have been searching and searching for it and i have not found it so I'm pretty sure there is not one yet

How do you get altirs equipment in assassins creed 2?

You must collect the six assassins seals. They can be found in the Assassins Tombs, which are marked on your map. They are located throughout a few of the cities, and once you have them all bring them to the "vault" underneath the villa and place them in the statues. This unlocks Altairs Armor.

Can you turn blood off in assassins creed 2?

Yes. Go to General Options in the Pause Menu. Found this answer on a question that was a lot like this one.

Where do you find the plans for elite cannons at in assassins creed 4?

They can be found in either the various dive spots around, or they will be located in the buried treasure that you have to hunt for.

How do you finish assassins creed 2?

Find all of the codex packages. Look on your map. The sybol looks kinda like the treasure sybol. Once there all found go back to your castle and make the wall look like a map of the world. Its really easy to figure out.....if you completeed the first assassins creed.

How do you get shrunken heads in assassins creed brotherhood?

Shrunken heads can be found in chests, but there might be a certain amount of them. I'm not entirely sure if they have set locations though.

Is assassins creed a quick game to finish?

It depends on how good you are at the game and whether you play it straight through or if you stop and do side missions, etc. Assassin's Creed 2 is faster than the first one, but I found the campaigns to be a good length.

What was the memory found at the end of assassins creed?

After you beat the final boss, you then see a map of each piece of eden location and Desmond gets the eagle sight ability.

What do the glyphs in assassins creed II mean?

The glyphs in assassins creed 2 were left inside the animus system by the mysterious subject 16 to allow Desmond [as Ezio] to find them and piece them together to create a video file with information on 'The truth'. They can be found using eagle vision. Once going through a puzzle for each glyph they turn into pieces of the video.

Where do you find the shrunken heads in assassin's creed brotherhood?

They can be found in various chests and/or be collected from enemies, there are no specific places to find them. You can also get various items as rewards from sending your Assassins on missions.

What do you do when you have found all the pivots n assassins creed 3?

You can use them for special cheat codes. You can change the weather, say not to take any damage, things of that nature. Hope this helps!

What is and how do you get the code for Lucy's computer on assassins creed 1?

The code is found in the cupboard of the room in the lab Desmond sleeps in. That code wasn't mentioned anywhere and what was it. It's not needed on the game either.

Where are the statuettes in Assassins Creed 2?

There are eight statuettes, all of which are located in Monteriggioni (Mario's villa.) A walkthrough detailing the exact locations of each statue can be found here: http://halo2and34u.com/Assassins_Creed_2_Statue_Locations.aspx

Where is the chest in assassins creed?

i found a chest in the rich district of Acre near the top of the big church on the way to the eagle view on top of the church its guarded by a templar but i dont know how to open it

What will the new Assassins Creed be called?

I beat their won't be a next one because Ezio found Altair ibn al ahad in the vault and Ezio did not take the last Artifact because it was so much for him in on life.\ Thats my Answer if you deined it i don't care because i don't get assassin creed

In assassins creed 2 where is the treasure at the back of the villa on the left side?

After you have renovated the well and mines, check in there. Some treasure chest can be found within the mines and inside the well, but they must be renovated first.

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