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You wouldn't be considered out unless you hadn't tagged up at third before you scored. If you faield to tag up, someoen can simply tag thrid base and you would be called out.

2015-07-15 19:53:43
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Q: In baseball are you out if the pop fly is caught by a feilder and not thrown to plate by the time you reach the plate?
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Where is the backdoor slider pitch located?

The term "Back Door" could be used for both a slider, and a curve ball. It refers to a baseball that was thrown outside of the strike zone, misses the plate but, is caught behind the plate, and called a strike. Technically it should be called a "ball" because it never crosses the plate but, because it is caught behind the plate and appears to be a strike to the umpire; It is said it came in through the "back Door"

When does a umpire call a ball in baseball?

when it is not in the strike zone. a strike is thrown when the ball crosses home plate.if it does not cross home plate it is a ball.

How far can a baseball be thrown?

During a Colorado rockies practice/morning bp i saw Larry walker throw a baseball from home plate into the center feild stands. At least 420ft.

Did Vladimir Guerrero throw home run from plate?

he has hit a home run from the plate and also thrown people out at home plate.

The speed of a baseball crossing home plate after being pitched depends on its initial velocity If thrown at 74 mph. the speed over home plate will be 72.2 mph If thrown at 50 mph. the speed over ho?

Speed(74) = 72.2Speed(50) = 44.7

Which is harder to hit baseball or softball?

It is harder to hit a softball thrown from a perfesional softball player than it is to hit a baseball thrown from a major leager. The reason is the angle of the pitch (softball has more of an angle there for it is harder to hit) and the quickness/speed( softball mounds are closer to the plate and a softball, lets say from jenny finch, can be thrown at upwards of 68 mph; therefor it gets to the plate quiker than a 90 mph baseball pitch). IF you think what I wrote isn't true then google SPORTS SCIENCE BASEBALL VS. SOFTBALL. you will see (its a video) what I said is true,

How long does it take a baseball thrown at 78 mph from the pitchers mound to get to home plate?

It takes .58 seconds for a ball traveling 78 mph to go the 60 ft 6 inches from the pitcher's mound to home plate.

How many sides does the baseball plate have?

A baseball plate has five sides.

What happen if you get caught without a license plate?

You get anally violated

How long does it take for the baseball to get to home plate at 100 miles per hour?

Based on the official MLB pitching distance of 60' 6" .. it takes .5 seconds for a 100 mph fastball to reach home plate. However, in reality, if the baseball is thrown by a person, it actually reaches the plates quicker because most MLB pitchers are 6'+ and there stride towards home plate will have them releasing the baseball closer than 60' 6".

In witch sport use curve ball?

A curveball is a type of pitch that is thrown with a certain hand movement causing it to make a downward dive, or curve, as it approaches the plate. It is used in baseball and softball.

What causes a baseball batter to recognize that a curve ball is being thrown to home plate?

A seasoned batter can normally spot a curve ball being pitched by the ball's early arc. It is also seen early in its path to the plate by its spin combined by the delivery motion of the pitcher.

Does the run count if the runner from third crosses the plate and the batter is thrown out going for a double?


Is it a strike if the catcher doesn't catch a strike?

The batter can run to first if the 3rd strike isn't caught. However, the batter still can be thrown out by the catcher at first base. Yes. A strike is called if the ball crosses home plate at the correct height, which is usually between the knees and the letters. A pitched ball does not have to be caught by the catcher to be called a strike.

What is the difference between slow pitch softball and baseball?

in slowpitch, you cannot steal in slowpitch the ball is slowly thrown high in the air for a pitch in slowpitch the pitcher tries to hit a Matt behind the plate

What is the momentum of a 0.130 kg baseball thrown with a velocity of thirty meters per second toward home plate?

ρ=mvρ= 0.130 x 30ρ= 3.9 Kgms-1

What happens if a pitcher pitches the wrong type of baseball?

Then the home plate umpire made a silly mistake. He is the man who inspects each baseball before he allows them to be used. But, if, for some reason, the pitcher does sneak a different ball into the field, he will be thrown out of the game for cheating.

What state's license plate was found in the Tiger shark that was caught in the movie Jaws?

Louisiana, the license plate number was "007-981."

What are four examples from softball in which and object is in projectile motion?

-- the ball, thrown over the plate by the pitcher -- the bat, illegally thrown by the batter before beginning his run to first base -- the outfielder's glove, thrown into the air after the last out in the ninth -- the cup of beer, thrown onto the field by a fan in the bleachers

If a ball is thrown 100 mph how much time does it take to get to home plate?

1. 7 seconds

Does the runner score from third if batter tries to stretch a single and gets thrown out at second base?

If there are less than two outs, yes. If there are two outs, this is a timing play. If the runner crosses home plate before the batter is thrown out at second base, the run counts. If the batter is thrown out at second base before the runner crosses home plate, the run does not count.

What is the momentum of a 0.148 kg baseball thrown with a velocity of 35 meters per second toward home plate?

Momentum = (mass) x (speed) = (0.148) x (35) = 5.18 kilogram meters per second

What was the shape of home plate in early baseball history?

Early professional baseball did not have the home plate we are used to seeing today. In its early years, home plate was a diamond shape.

What is a fast home plate to home plate time in baseball?

.44 seconds

If a batter holds the bat over the plate and does not swing or move the bat when pitch is thrown is it a strike?

That is considered a strike.