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For a pitcher to qualify for an earned runs average or wins title in the MLB he must have a minimum of 1.0 innings pitched per game. Therefore he must have a minimum of 162.0 innings pitched for the season


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The baseball pitcher with the most wins would be Cy Young. He had 511.

Andy Pettitte has the most career postseason wins with 18.

In 2011, the Philadelphia Phillies had the most wins with 102. Justin Verlander had the most wins as a pitcher with 24.

Cy Young, who pitched between 1890-1911, holds the MLB record for career wins by a pitcher with 511. He also holds the MLB record for career losses by a pitcher with 316.

There isn't really a designated best pitcher in baseball history. The only three I can think of are Cy Young with 511 wins, Walter Johnson with I think 424 wins, and Satchel Paige during his Negro League years.

through all the years of baseball and i have played baseball myself the great whit ford has the most with 10 world series wins and 4 of them were shut outs and he had 3 no hitters he is by far the best pitcher in the game of baseball Whitey did have the most world series wins but he did not pitch any no hitters in the regular season or world series.

Cy Young - 511 wins between 1890-1911.

Frank Lary of the Detroit Tigers with 21 wins and 294 innings pitched.

Whitey Ford has the most career World Series wins for a pitcher with 10.

Cy Young. 511 career wins

That would depend on when one believes the 'modern era' of MLB began. For this answer, we will take Baseball Almanac's year of 1977 as the beginning of the 'modern era'. Since 1977, the most wins in a season by a pitcher is 27 by Bob Welch of the Oakland Athletics in 1990.

The Yankees have the most with 27 wins.Pitcher to have the most wins: Whitney Ford.

Warren Spahn has 356 wins as a Brave.

In the 2009 season, Florida Marlins pitcher Matt Lindstrom was born in Rexburg. Hall of Famer Harmon Killebrew was born in Payette. Pitcher Larry Jackson (1955-1968, 194 wins) was born in Nampa. Pitcher Vernon Law (1950-1967, 162 wins) was born in Meridian.

Not even close to correct. I am pretty sure it was Jack Morris. Stieb had 140 wins and 109 losses in the 80's. Morris had 162 wins and 119 losses.

In 1968, Detroit's Denny McLain recorded 31 wins; the most by any player since 1950. McLain was the last pitcher to reach 30 wins in a season.

John Smoltz is second in career postseason wins with 15.

Wally Bunker with 19 wins in 1964.

Probably Cy Young, the all time leader in wins (as well as losses) and for whom the Major League Baseball's best pitcher of the year awards are named.

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