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In case of BOYLE'S law,temperature is held constant! thank you!!

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Q: In boyle's law which is held constant?
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What parameter is held constant for boyles law?

Temperature and amount of gas.

When does Boyle's law happen?

Boyles law "happens" when the temperature is held constant and the volume and pressure change.

The variable that Boyles law holds constant is?

Temperature remain constant.

What is constant k in Boyles law?

The constant k is a...constant specific for the system considered.

What is the equation for boyles law?

Pressure x Volume = Constant (at a constant temperature).

Pressure and volume change at a constant temperature who's law is this?

Boyles Law

What gas law is calculated with the pressure and volume variables at a constant temperature?

boyles law

What is the constant and the variables in Boyles law?

The pressure and the volume are the variables; the temperature must remain constant.

Boyles law states?

Boyles Law refers to the way gas and pressure interact. It says that the pressure of a gas times the volume of the gas will equal a constant. The constant is supposed to represent an "ideal gas."

What happens to the volume of a gas when the pressure doubles (all else held constant)?

If the pressure doubles, the volume will be halved. This is according to Boyles Law when the temperature is constant (and the number of moles is constant). Thus, P1V1 = P2V2.

What two variables are compared in Boyles law?

The formula of Boyle law is:pressure x volume = constant (at constant temperature, in a closed system)

What is Boyles law well known for?

Boyle's Law is the inverse relationship between pressure and volume.

Boyles Law problem and answer?

The Boyle (or Boyle-Mariotte) law is: the pressure and the volume in a closed system, at a constant temperature, is a constant. They are so inversely proportional.

Which variables must be kept constant for boyles law to hold?

Temperature and mass of the substance

How are Boyle and Charles ideal gas laws alike?

Boyles Law deals with conditions of constant temperature. Charles' Law deals with conditions of constant pressure. From the ideal gas law of PV = nRT, when temperature is constant (Boyles Law), this can be rearranged to P1V1 = P2V2 (assuming constant number of moles of gas). When pressure is constant, it can be rearranged to V1/T1 = V2/T2 (assuming constant number of moles of gas).

According to Charless law whenever the temperature of a gas at constant pressure decreases the volume increases.true or false?

Answer: No, this is not according to Charles law; however according to Boyles law this statement is correct ('true').Charles' law states: When the pressure on a sample of a gas is held constant, the Kelvin temperature and the volume will be directly related.Boyle's law describes how the pressure of a gas tends to decrease as the volume of a gas increases when temperature is held constant.

What is the equation which encompasses Boyles Law Charles Law and the relationship between pressure and temperature when the volume is constant?

PV = nRT

What held constant in boyles law Charles law and combined gas law gas particles temperature pressure and volume?

Boyle's Law is the inverse relationship of pressure and volume with temperature remaining constant. Charles' Law is the direct relationship of temperature and volume with pressure remaining constant. Gay-Lussac's Law is the direct relationshipof pressure and temperature with volume remaining constant. The Combined Gas Law relates all three - volume, pressure, and temperature.

What happens to the pressure of a system when the volume is decreased if the temperature and number of gas particles are held constant according to Boyles Law?

When pressure double, the volume halves. However this is only true if the number of molecules and the temperature are both in a constant state.

Which pioneer was best known for the discovery of a law that helps to explain characteristics of gases?

Robert Boyles ...Boyles law which states the principle that at a constant temperature the volume of a confined ideal gas varies inversley with its pressure.

According to Boyles law the relationship between the pressure and volume of a gas at constant temperature is?

inversely proportional

What will the volume of a gas do if the temperature is increased but the pressure remains the same?

Boyles law requires that the volume increase if temp increases with pressure held constant. PV=nRT See "is Hell exothermic"

What can you say about pressure and volume according to boyles law?

For a given mass at constant temperature, the pressure time tghe volume is a constant. pV=C

What happens when a gas is compressed keeping the temperature constant?

When a gas is compressed, leaving the temperature constant then boyles law has been obeyed. The volume will reduce

Which one of the following equations encompasses Boyles Law Charless Law and the relationship between pressure and temperature when the volume is constant?

PV = nRT