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glucose is being oxidized oxygen is being reduced

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Q: In cellular respiration what is oxidized what is reduced?
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Is glucose oxidized or reduced in cellular respiration?


Which one of the reactant for cellular respiration gets oxidized and which one gets reduced?

The reactant in cellular respiration that gets reduced is the oxygen. The reactant that gets oxidized is carbon

What is oxidized during the oxidation stage of cellular respiration?

Many things are oxidized and reduced during cellular respiration. Generally speaking the answer to this question is Glucose.Glucose is oxidized and oxygen is reduced.

What is oxidized in cellular respiration?

Glucose, C6H12O6, is oxidized

Glucose is oxidized to produce?

In cellular respiration, glucose is oxidized into pyruvate.

What substance is oxidized during cellular respiration?

Glucose is. In cell respiration, the carbon atoms of glucose are oxidized.

What is oxidized in aerobic cellular respiration?


What reactant is oxidized in respiration?

Glucose is oxidized into CO2. Oxygen is reduced into Water

The overall equation for cell respiration?

The standard equation for cellular respiration in which glucose is oxidized and oxygen is reduced. C6H12O6 + 6O2 --> 6CO2 + 6H2O

Does the cellular respiration produces glucose?

Glucose is not produced in respiration. Glucose is oxidized in respiration

Why carbon dioxide and water go through a chemical change?

because they become oxidized and reduced when glucose is broken down in photosynthesis and cellular respiration.

What is one true distinction between fermentation and cellular respiration?

NADH is oxidized by the electron transport chain in cellular respiration only.

What is light energy and what does it do for cellular respiration?

Light energy does not affect respiration, but it is needed for photosynthesis, which in plants creates the chemical compounds (carbohydrates) that are oxidized in cellular respiration.

Would a fully oxidized or fully reduced molecule be a better cellular energy source?


What is true concerning the role of redox reactions in photosynthesis and cellular respiration?

In photosynthesis, carbon dioxide is reduced to form sugar, while in respiration, sugar is oxidized to form carbon dioxide.

How are digestion and cellular respiration related?

In heterotrophs digestion provide glucose molecules.These molecules are oxidized in respiration

Cellular respiration converts energy from which form to which 2 forms?

In case of the cellular respiration glucose is oxidized. You get carbon bi oxide and water as the end products.

Why does cellular respiration produce more ATP than fermentation?

Because in cellular respiration glucose molecule is completely oxidized whereas in fermentation it forms alcohol.

What happens to carbon dioxide in cellular respiration?

Nothing, carbon dioxide isn't used in cellular respiration. Its a product of the Krebs cycle and when pyruvate is oxidized into Acetyl CoA.

In cellular respiration what is reduced?

During cellular respiration, oxygen is reduced.Oxidation number changes from 0 to -2. Oxygen ends up in water

By what process are nutrients and oxygen oxidized in your cells?

The process by which nutrients and oxygen are oxidized in cells is cellular respiration. It involves the oxidation of nutrients usually by oxygen.

Oxygen is what in cellular respiration?

Oxygen serves as the final electron acceptor in the transport system.It is the only oxidized agent strong enough to do this. Without oxygen, cellular respiration could not occur.

What is the source of energy for the mitochondria to perform cellular respiration?

Main fuel is glucose. It is oxidized using oxygen

What is consumed during the process of cellular respiration?

During cell respiration oxygen is consumed to form carbon dioxide as hydrocarbon compounds are oxidized by metabolic systems.

Where is CO2 produced during cellular respiration?

When cellular respiration takes place the energy stored in the chemical bonds of glucose (C6H12O6) is released that energy is used to produce ATP(adinosinetri phosphate): In respiration glucose is oxidized and oxygen is reduced to form water(H2O). The carbon atoms of the sugar molecule are released as carbon dioxide (CO2).

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