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In cold weather should you go swimming if you have a cold?

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Probably not, you might get sicker. Although cold weather has nothing to do with catching a "cold", they are caused by viruses which can live on door knobs, telephones, computers, etc. for up to three days. In the winter we are inside more and breathe the air of people who are coughing and sneezing, increasing our exposure to viral particles in the air. In the summer we are outside more and so we come into close contact with infected people less often. There is some evidence that getting wet and cold may lower our immunity slightly. If you want to swim in the winter, just make sure you dry off thoroughly before going out into the cold, and wash your hands frequently to avoid picking up wiruses form the world around you.

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Should you go swimming in cold weather?

No, you could endanger your health

Can A child get sick from swimming in a cold swimming pool?

It depends, how cold is the weather? if it is hot then probably not, but if it is chilly than it is probably not a good idea to go swimming anyways

Can you go swimming when you have a cold?

You can go swimming if you have a cold. You should make sure you eat enough to sustain you about 1-2 hours before you go and take plenty of water with you.It is probably not a good idea to go swimming if you have a cold. Your body is trying to fight the infection and you need to rest so it can do so. If you do need to go swimming then you should make it a light workout.

What is the adjective in the sentence it is too cold to go swimming?

It is too cold to go swimming

Should you go swimming while you have a cold?

no...the water will make it werst

In what weather should you go skiing?

when there is snow on the ground and when it is not to cold

How warm should it be to go swimming?

If you are in a race, people swim faster in cold water.

Should you go swimming when you are sick?

No you should not because the dampness an coldness with Accelerate the cold virus an make it worse

If you go swimming will it make your cold symptoms worse?

swimming can make your cold worse but it can be benifactual if you have a blocked nose,

Can you go swimming when you have a cold and a cough?


When is the best time to go swimming in the waimea bay?

The best time to go swimming in the Waimea Bay is when it's warm outside. You don't want to go swimming when it's cold out, you might get sick or very cold.

I really want to go swimming but my mum says I can't because I have a cold what should i do?

Bey her something nice for her.

Can you go swimming if you have a bad cough or runny nose?

You definitely can go swimming. The question should be, "Should you go swimming if you have a bad cough or running nose?" And no, you should not go swimming unless the water is warm enough, almost hot. - User:Johnnyeg94-IMPROVED ANSWER-(BY SUNLIGHT210)My advice to you is to NOT go swimming with any symptoms of a cold or any sickness. One reason is that you're mucus can get into the water and spread, and because of the infected water, other people can get sick. Another reason is that it will most likely worsen your sickness. Therefore, it is not recommended to go swimming with symptoms of a cold or any other disease.Hope that helps!~Sunlight210

What is Extreme cold weather?

Extreme cold is a winter weather that the temperature go below zero.

What happens to a splint if you go swimming with it on?

If they have a splint on they should not go swimming in the firstplace. If they havent been to a doctor they need to go and if they have and the doctor splint it they should be resting not swimming.

Why should you not go out in hot or cold weather if you have pneumonia?

Because....It would not be positive for your health.check me

When you go water skiing does it have to be hot or cold?

You would want to go water skiing when the weather is hot.In really cold weather you can go skiing on the snow.

Do fleas like cold weather?

The fleas hate the cold weather to kill the go to the vet they can fix it or you can go on the web and find remedies.

Frigid in a sentence?

The weather was too frigid to go swimming in the lake.

How is the water in Alaska?

Freezing cold. (Why I never go swimming)

What ocean cold you go swimming in if you lived in Georiga?


What effect does a cold front have on weather?

A cold front has a few effects on weather. The main effect it has on weather is that it can go from hot to cold over night, which is a big change for people.

Can you go swimming on 3rd day of your period?

You can go swimming on any day of your period, as long as you are wearing a tampon. If you are not, then you should not go swimming, as it would be unhygenic for those swimming with you.

Can you go swimming on your periord?

Swimming during your period is fine as long as you wear a tampon which should be changed before and after you go swimming

What can you do in Montana?

you can relax in the 70 degree weather and go swimming at the beach. You can do that in the summer.

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