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35" x 52" is the size for a rectangular flag.

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In colorguard what size flag is used with a 5 foot pole?

It is a standard 6 ft pole that is used for ColorGuard. a 3 ft pole is also used but is it called a swivel flag

Flag Pole?

form_title= Flag Pole form_header= Install a flag pole and show off your personality with a flag. How much weight does the flag pole need to support?*= _ [50] What size do you want the flag pole?*= _ [50] Where do you want to install the flag?*= _ [50]

How do you hang the American flag with Canadian flag?

Do Not hang them on the same flag pole!Both flags should be the same size and same height above the ground on the same height flag pole.

Which flag should be larger the Texas flag or the American flag?

According to the US Flag Code, the US Flag should be larger in size and (if flying on the same pole), at the top of the pole. If flying the American flag with a state flag, the American flag needs to be on a taller pole than the state flag and displayed on the flag's right side. If flying them on poles of equal size, then flying the American flag on the flag's right side is correct.

What is the smallest pole size in pole vaulting?

The smallest i could find was a 9 foot that was made for someone 85lbs. and under

What are some types of US flags?

According to Allstar Flags, flags are by size:Garrison Flag 20 x 38 feetPost Flag 8 foot 11 3/8 inches by 17 feetField Flag 6 foot 8 inches by 12 feetStorm Flag 5 feet by 9 feet 6 inches.and Internment Flag 5 foot by 9 foot 6 inches

Describe the proper way to display the American flag when displayed with another flag?

If the flag is in a group of flags (on separate poles) it should be in the center and higher up than the rest of the flags. If it's on it's own pole it should be above the rest of the flags and at least the same size as any other flags on it's pole, if not larger.

What the Indian flag size?

i dont noe the size of the INDIAN NATIONAL FLAG!!

How many 12-inch rulers will be the same length as a flag?

There is no one answer, as there is no one size for a flag. Tell us the size of the flag in question, and we can answer it.

What is the length of the Italian flag?

A flag can be any size. It doesn't conform to any size restrictions.

How do you find the size for your pole vault stopper?

measure the circumference of you pole

What is the biggest foot size?

The biggest known foot size is a 16"

What foot size is prodigy from Mindless Behavior?

his foot size is 8

What are the measurements of the American flag?

The length of the flag should be 1.9 times the height, and the union should be 40% of the size of the flag. This is the official size of the US "title 4" flag.

How many feet is in a one flag?

It depends on what size flag.

How big is the state flag of Ohio?

The size of the state flag of Ohio is about the same size as an average flag, which is 6 feet x 4 feet.

Is it illegal to display a foreign flag with a US flag if the foreign flag is larger?

No, it is just in bad taste. What is illegal is to display two national flags on the same pole, one below the other. They must be on separate poles at the same height. If on flag is the US flag, then the US flag must be on the left-hand pole as the observer is looking at it.U.S. Flag Code as contained in Federal Code RL30243 states: "When flags of two or more nations are displayed, they are to be flown from separate staffs of the same height. The flags should be of approximately equal size. International usage forbids the display of the flag of one nation above thatof another nation in time of peace."

Miranda Cosgrove's foot size?

Miranda's foot size is probably 7

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a person foot size can be determine by discontinuous variation

What foot size is 12 inches?

1 foot size is 12 inches

Is the storm a flag size?


What are the most comfortable pole dancing shoes?

There are a lot of factors you need to consider when buying comfortable pole dancing shoes. Things such as the brand, size, foot covering and whether you need high ones all need to be taken into personal consideration.

What size foot is big foot?


What is the size of a 48 star coffin flag?

It is a 5x9.5 cotton flag.

What is the size of flag register?

8086 has 16-bit flag register.

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