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This is a middle school science level question. No offense, but if you don't know how to do this you should not be doing any electrical work, let alone commercial/industrial. If you are a homeowner, please buy a book. If you are a professional, please take a class and get licenced. Get a voltmeter. Set it on AC volts. Use the two leads to measure the voltage across the two points you are interested in.

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Q: In commercial or industrial electrical work how would you take a voltage reading?
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What is Canada industrial electrical voltage?


Why do electrical power companies transform higher voltage to lower voltage for residential and commercial properties?

Because the higher voltage would be dangerous domestically.

Does a transformer provide electrical energy that is produced chemically?

No. A transformer transforms electrical energy, from one voltage to another voltage.No. A transformer transforms electrical energy, from one voltage to another voltage.No. A transformer transforms electrical energy, from one voltage to another voltage.No. A transformer transforms electrical energy, from one voltage to another voltage.

How do you check 480 volts line coming from comed?

This high a voltage is an industrial voltage. If you are concerned about variations in the voltage call your utility supplier to get them to check it for you. They can connect a recording volt meter to the line an it gives a print out over a 24 hour period. If that is not an option call a qualified electrical contractor and ask him to take a reading for you. A voltage of 480 volts is not a voltage that the ordinary layman should be opening panels and getting into.

What is the function of a voltmeter in an electrical circuit?

A voltmeter in an electrical circuit gives an operator or an electrician an instantaneous reading of what the voltage level is in the circuit at the exact instant he looks at the meter.

What is the instrument called that can change electrical voltage?

Electrical voltage can be changed by a transformer.

Have 160 volts electrical plugs?

In North America there are no plugs that are rated for 160 volts. The voltage rating on electrical devices for residential and commercial are 300 and 600 volts respectively.

How do you describe voltage?

Voltage is electrical pressure.

What is the commercial voltage in Taiwan?

The commercial voltage in Taiwan is 110V. The frequency of this voltage that is supplied to homes and other places is 60Hz.

Does AC have to be converted to DC in order to bury high voltage power lines?

No, there are many instances where AC high voltage lines are installed underground. Where an industrial building has an electrical vault within the building, the high voltage is brought to it using high voltage cables in conduit to supply the vault with primary voltage. These types of installations are usually only used where the customer uses a high volume of electrical power.

What is masdar city?

Magnet wire plays a critical role in three areas of energy transformation: electrical to electrical, electrical to mechanical, and mechanical to electrical. Electrical to electrical transformation involves transformers, which are used to transfer power. Transformers are used for power generation by utility companies, for power voltage conversion, and in electrical controls in industrial and home uses. Electrical to mechanical transfer is necessary for motorized appliances, automobiles, industrial machinery, and residential and commercial HVAC systems. Magnet wire is a key component in each of these applications. Mechanical to electrical transformation occurs when machine power is converted into electricity. This type of transformation includes generators, which turn mechanical power into electrical energy through the use of magnet wire.

What is potentiometer?

Potentiometers are sensors used to determine the amount of rotation through working on electrical resistance. To give an accurate reading, a meter is used to show the amount of voltage at a specific point.

What is the maximum power you can handle practically?

440 volts can be handled practically by commercial power systems and homes. Higher voltage would be restricted to industrial applications.

In an IEC-320 plug which wire carries electrical voltage?

the hot wire carries the electrical voltage

How is different between voltage and current?

voltage = the electrical "pressure"current = the electrical "movement rate" or "flow rate"

What is the difference between an industrial electrician and a commercial electrician?

Commercial electricians work in commercial locations such as stores and offices, mainly installing general use power outlets and lighting in buildings.Industrial electricians work in places of industry such as factories, mines, chemical plants, power plants, etc. Industrial electricians work mainly with high voltage power distribution systems and machinery.Also the wiring methods will be different. In Commercial most of the wiring is done using EMT and MC cable. In Industrial most of the conduit is RMC. In commercial it is mostly general power and lighting, but in industrial there are also motors and control and instrumentation circuitry involved.

What is 480 volts?

An object that throws off only 480 volts of electricity is no more powerful than a static electric shock from carpet in winter. Tasers can shoot out probes that are 20,000 volts or more. <<>> A voltage level of 480 volts is the working three phase service voltage of commercial and industrial sites in the United States. The service is usually a wye connection so that the star point voltage of 277 can be used for building lighting. In Canada the three phase system voltage for commercial and industrial is 347/600 volts

What is the voltage is used for industrial purposes?

It depends on the country as to which voltage is used for industrial purposes. In the US, for welding for example, voltage may be 480 volts. The frequency in the US is 60 Hertz.

What are the electrical units to measure electrical pressure?

"Electrical pressure" sounds like a popular description of "voltage", also known as "electrical potential" (it doesn't have the units of pressure). Voltage is measured in volts.

What is a short to voltage?

what is short to voltage in a car electrical circuit & how to check it ?

What is applied voltage?

Any voltage that is fed into or "applied" to an electrical circuit is referred to as an "applied voltage".

What is the use of voltage regulation?

According to electrical machines a voltage regulator is used to stabilize the voltage

What has a generator?

A Generator is electrical machine which produces electrical current and voltage..

An electrical tool that increases or decreases the voltage in an electrical current is?


An electrical tool that increases or decreases the voltage in an electrical current?