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From both perspectives the age of the earth is indeed a central issue. The two positions could not be further apart. According to those who believe in evolution the earth is around 4.54 billions years old. In contrast, those who follow the young-earth creation model see the evidence pointing to an earth which is around 6000 years old.

Time as a central issue for evolution is demonstrated in the geologic time scale of the earth and the geologic column. Biological evolution is incorporated into the whole framework with many millions of years deemed as being necessary for the vast changes from molecules to early life down to this present day. Observable evidence points to the increased likelihood of small changes accumulating over a long period, even though we cannot observe them in our own lifetime.

Creationists in contrast point to an increasing acknowledgment of rapid geologic processes in mainstream science and the clear demonstration that it is the right conditions rather than time which causes certain processes to take place. Creationists also insist that all the evidence does not require an old earth but can be accomodated into the time-scale of 6000 years when correctly interpreted.

Summary: Put simply, both sides regard time as a central issue both in terms of their separate schemes of earth and biological history but in terms of contrast between the two positions.

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Yes, since belief in Evolution goes together with belief in an old Earth (billions of years).See also:

Is there evidence for Creation?

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It would appear to be. Young-Earth Creationists take their position from The Bible, which appears to date the earth as only around 6000 years old. In contrast, geology, evolution and other sciences all point to the earth being billions of years old.

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Q: In comparing and contrasting the major differences between evolution and the young-earth creationist position is the age of the earth a central issue?
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