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move the king where you want it to go, and the rook should move automatically.

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Q: In computer chess how do you use the mouse to be able to castle?
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Presumably you used a mouse in asking the question, so you should be able to think about the answer.

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when they are a toddler, teach them the basic logic skill by making them play with the peg toy, then when they are a child they should be able to read basic logic books. this will help them with their chess. you can also buy a chess table or they can play chess on a computer. x

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Can you casle in chess if you are therend yes or no?

no, if either your king is in check or your rook is able to be captured the next turn, you may not castle. Also, none of the squares between your king and rook can be threatened either.

How many possibilities in chess?

Their is endless possibilities in chess since there is no limit to the amount of moves able to be made.

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In February 1996 , IBM's chess computer Deep Blue defeated Kasparov in one game using normal time controls, in Deep Blue - Kasparov, 1996, Game 1 . However , Kasparov was still able to gain three wins and two draws and win the match .

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