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California was a free (northern) state.

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Is California a northern or southern state?

California is a northern state.

During the Civil War was Mississippi a northern or a southern state?

Mississippi was a southern state that joined the Confederate States of America.

Are the northern or southern states a confederate state?

The Southern states formed the Confederacy. The North - or what was left of the USA - was termed the Union.

What state is to the southeast of California?

Nevada is east and southeast of Northern California, while Arizona is east and southeast of Southern California.

Is West Virginia a northern or southern state?

It is the northern most southern state. So yes, it is a southern state. Yes, its a Southern state !

Are there nortenos in other states?

Nortenos are in every state in the United States of America but more in Northern California and Central California and some in Southern California.

What state is considered the southern most northern state and the northern most southern most northern state?

i think the correct anwser is maryland

Is KY a northern or southern state?

Kentucky is a southern state.

Is Pennsylvania a southern or a northern state?

It is northern

Who was the slavery civil war between?

The Union States (northern and non slavery) and the Confederate State (seceded from the union, southern, and pro slavery).

Where is most of the water in California located?

Very little of the water in California falls in the southern part of the state, where most of the population is. Most of the water is in the northern part of the state, which gets much more rain and snow. The State Water Project and federal Central Valley Project both move massive amounts of the water that falls in Northern California south to the Central Valley and Southern California.

What is the capital of southern California?

Southern California does not have a capital, because it is not a state. The state capital of all of California is Sacramento.

Where are cattle raised in California?

Just about everywhere, especially along the eastern border and in the northern and southern parts of the state.

Temperature of California?

The temperatures of California vary by location as it is a large state. Northern California experiences cooler temperatures. Southern California is known for being sunny and warm year round.

How many locations does Check Into Cash have in California?

There are 97 Check into Cash locations in Northern California alone. There are 86 locations in Southern California. In total there are 183 locations in the state of California.

Is Alaska the most southern or the northern state?


Is New Jersey a northern or southern state?


What are the southern states of California?

California is a state.

Is Tennessee a southern state or a northern state?

Southern state. It is in the southeast part of the United states.

Which state is north of California's border?

California is North of California's southern border, and Oregon is North of California's northern border.

Is Mountain View California in the Northern part or Southern part of the State?

Mountain View is technically in "northern California", but in reality is pretty much in the middle between north and south. Mountain View is a suburb of San Jose, at the southern end of San Francisco Bay.

Is Iowa a southern state?

No, Iowa is a Northern State.

Is the united state in the northern hemisphere or the southern hemisphere?

The northern

Is North Carolina a northern state?

No, it is a southern state, but it is the northern most of the two Carolina's.

How often do temperatures drop below freezing in california?

California is a relatively warm state. The weather rarely drops below freezing in southern California. However, northern California has very cold winters.

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