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ETOH is the molecular formation for Ethanol.

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Q: In crisis intervention one of the stressors is ETOH---what does that stand for?
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What do these letters stand for SMG EPL you working with mental health patients?

Emergency Preparedness Lecture & SMG - Safe Management which is a training program for adult crisis intervention.

What does shield stand for in The Avengers movie stand for?

Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistics Directorate.

What does LLI stand for in special education for?

It is my understanding that in educatory circles, LLI stands for Leveled Literacy Intervention.

What action did Madeline Albright stand up to during the Kosovo Crisis?

Acts of genocide

How did people view Kennedy after the Cuban missile crisis?

kennedy was praised for his tough stand.

What action did Madeleine Albright Stand up to during the Kosvo Crisis?

Albright felt that NATO should intervene to stop the atrocities being committed against ethnic Albanians in Kosovo. In the late 1990's, she stood up for continued intervention, as many European diplomats argued that it was not a good policy.

What does AIS stand for in school purposes?

It stands for Academic Intervention Services, when a student dosen't achieve the grade for the NYS assessment standards....

Recent topics for paper presentation in finance?

Global Financial crisis - India's stand during & post recession

What is the Crisis Number 1?

The Crisis, Number 1 is a pamphlet written by Thomas Paine on December 23, 1776. It encouraged the colonists to stand up for the freedom that they deserved. It also pointed out what was oppressing the colonies and what must be done about it.

What major event during the Andrew Jackson Presidency was essentially a stand-off over states' rights?

the Nullification Crisis

What best demonstrates how to make a stand in an op-ed piece that provides a solution?

"the best solution to our current global warming crisis is..."

What does aig stand for soccer?

They are the kit sponsor of Manchester United. The American International Group. This is their last season sponsoring Manchester United due to the global economic crisis.

What does SHIELD in the Avengers movies stand for?

The acronym for SHIELD has taken on different meanings over the years. Orignally it stood for Supreme Headquarters, International Espionage, Law-Enforcement Division. It was changed in 1991 to Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistics Directorate. Today it stands for stands for Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division

What is lateral management?

its when managers do and not just tell. Example they use lateral management at the Ritz Carlton chain. Managers will get stuck in during a crisis and not stand back telling staff what to do

What two wars fought by the US in the 1990s?

The two WARS America fought in the 1990s were the Persian Gulf War & The Intervention of Bosnia & Herzegovina. However, one cannot forget these two wars also stand along a timeline of numerous military operations that America has been a part of for dozens of years. Kuwait, Zaire, & Liberia are just a few of the places that were home to 1990s American military intervention.

How do you make a stand in an op-ed piece that provides a solution?

The best solution to the current global warming crisis is to slap a 2$/gallon tax on gasoline and use the money on mass transit systems."

Which action occurred during what could be considered the climax of the Cold War?

The Cuban Missile Crisis was a stand-off between America and Russia. Faced with an ultimatum from the Americans, the Russians turned away and headed back to Russia.

What is meant by the abbreviation gfc?

The abbreviation GFC can stand for many things. Generic Flow Control, Grace Fellowship Church, General Fitness Center, Gerova Financial Group, and Global Financial Crisis, to name a few.

How can you help your paranoid husband?

You can help your paranoid husband by getting for him appropriate (psychiatric) treatment and ensuring that he does not discontinue treatment. This may be difficult. You may have to enroll (win confidence of) as many relatives and friends as possible, who can stand by you in crisis.

What is the best gun on mw2?

My Top 5: (Not In Any Order) 1- Ump .45 2- .44 MAGNUM 3- ACR 4- Intervention 5- Model 1887 One Of My Classes: Quick Scope Primary Weapon - Intervention w/ fmj Secondary Weapon - Desert eagle akimbo Perk 1 - SLEIGHT OF HAND PRO Perk 2 - STOPPING POWER Perk 3 - NINJA PRO Deathstreak - FINAL STAND

What did Chase and other opponents of slavery learn from this crisis?

That It will convince them that the only safe and honorable ground for non-slaveholders to stand upon is that of restricting slavery within state limits and excluding it absolutely from all areas of federal jurisdication

What is the crisis of things fall apart?

The crisis is losing your way of life. In the story the Villages lost their everyday customs and traditions because of the white missionaries that moved into their homeland. The white missionaries turned many of the people into Christians. They told the people of the village that their religion was false. In the end no one had the power to stand up to the change, and the main character, Okonkwo, could not bear it and committed suicide.

What are the song lyrics to Stand By Me?

When the night has come And the land is dark And the moon is the only light we see No I won't be afraid No I won't be afraid Just as long as you stand, stand by me And darling, darling stand by me Oh, now, now, stand by me Stand by me, stand by me If the sky that we look upon Should tumble and fall And the mountain should crumble to the sea I won't cry, I won't cry No I won't shed a tear Just as long as you stand, stand by me And darling, darling stand by me Oh, stand by me Stand by me, stand by me, stand by me Whenever you're in trouble won't you stand by me Oh, now, now, stand by me Oh, stand by me, stand by me, stand by me Darling, darling stand by me Stand by me Oh stand by me, stand by me, stand by me

What is 'Stand-To'?

Stand to is when some one asks you to STAND and LISTEN

Intervention - The Ultimatum?

intervention is a confrontational meeting of one or more individuals in an attempt to urge someone to seek professional treatment.When you ask the average person what he/she thinks an intervention is the usual response is pertaining to someone with an addiction to drugs. Most people do not realize that there are many other forms of mental illness which may require an intervention. Substance abuse is the most common reason for an intervention, but there are other addictions such as gambling, sex, hoarding, and eating disorders which require professional help. An intervention consists of a confrontational meeting where the family or friends of an individual gives an ultimatum to their loved one in order to get them to seek professional help. Interventions can be very effective if the family or friends involved have the courage to come forward and put their feet down to save the life of a loved one. If the interventionists remain strong the chances of the intervention being a success are greatly increased. On the other hand if they are weak minded and do not stand by their decisions the chances of their loved one suffering more is increased. In some cases death may be a real possibility. When giving an ultimatum to someone there is a thin line you must walk in order to successfully get your point across while making sure not to appear to be attacking the individual who needs help. Most people, especially addicts, will look for any excuse to leave the intervention. When they feel cornered or attacked they will go into a fight or flight mode. The best way to relieve some of the pressure from their shoulders is for you to try to explain how their behavior effects you. Avoid blaming them for anything, but let them know that they have effected you in a negative way. It is a good idea to have a professional at the intervention who can mediate and keep the confrontation from becoming heated. If you know someone who needs help have the courage to confront them.