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In dynasty warriors 5 empires can you start on horses automatically?


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Of course, you just need to get a harness like Red Hare Harness or Shadow Harness, and then you equip it in your items place. Then when you start the battle, you will start on a horse.


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you have to level up 5-10 horses that is on level one

You can't delete horses, but you can replace certain ones with new horses you find by placing the new horse into the slot of a horse you want to get rid of.

You can't customize your horses, only train them. If it is a rare horse, then it should have a different style, but it is what they look like, not customized.

you have to level up 5-10 horses in story mode and free mode

Depends on what horse you want. You have to do specific tasks on specific missions for specific types of horses to ride.

In the museum, besides approximately 8,000 clay warriors and horses, there are more than 10,000 bronze weapons found in the pits, and many artworks and treasures of Qin Dynasty are exhibited there, such as the bronze chariot with two horses.

well.....there r some differences. like u can't get the 3 types of weapons (normal, strength and speed), no renbu system but u upgrade ur weapon to get to infinate renbu. you can buy horses and train urself. there is some sort of thing with the attacks. so you have this small area, get the game and u kno wat i mean. there is a CAW option and a bonous option. pretty cool and that's about it

great wall of china and i dont know the name of it but its where this dynasty person is buried and it has a bunch of statues of life sized horses and warriors

8,000 warriors not counting the horses and carriages.

In conquest mode you can do certain missions where you get, Hex Mark, Red Hare and the Shadow Runner. You can also buy horses and other animals from the merchant.

The Terracotta Army here is referred to as the terracotta warriors and horses of Qin Shihuang. It was built in the Qin Dynasty prior to the Han Dynasty. Han Dynasty also had funeral figures with its own feature, besides military style, living style flourished at that time. Overall, Han's terracotta figures were various in style, but smaller in scale compared with Qin's.

millions of clay warriors, cavalry horses. pack horses, and peasants.

They have a function in the montezuma campaign, in which you have to capture Spanish horses to gain cavalry units, and in the attila campaign, in which you have to bring horses to the scythians to gain part of their army.

Wild horses don't really do anything. They're just their for background. At least in the ones I've played that's how its been.

Did you mean how did the Cheyenne use horses? Well if you did they used the horses for battle, hunting, fishing, and just plain riding or for warriors. Well ask some more PLEASE

view out on the map then start looking for horses then send villagers to go get them.

Some very beautiful ceramics, particularly Tang Horses.

he ruled for the third Egyptian dynasty (HORSES ROCK)

Yes they did, warriors sometimes rode on horseback. William brought over many horses by boat for the use of his cavalry which were used at Hastings.

The ranch that the Carringtons owned/kept their horses at was Delta Rho.

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