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In football when is runner down?


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when tackled by defense


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No, unless his knee also touches the ground at the same time.

The French football runner ups in 1912 were the Rouen.

The French football runner ups in 1918 were the Marseille.

Marseille were the French football runner ups in 1919.

There were not any French football runner ups in 1921.

A football coach might use a fast runner because if he wants to get a touchdown on the last four second or so the fast runner might make it on time and then they might win.

The French football runner ups in 1907 were the RCF Paris.

RCF Paris were the French football runner ups in 1910.

Technically, yes, it is illegal to advance the runner. The official penalty is called "Helping the Runner." It is rarely enforced, however.

The team, Suisse Paris, were the French football runner ups in 1904.

The French football runner up in 1905 were the CA Paris team.

The French football runner ups in 1908 were the CA Paris team.

Yes. NFHS Rule 9-2-5c. A player shall not clip except to tackle a runner or player pretending to be a runner.

The runner is out unless they are on the bag in time .If the runner is in foul territory, it is just counted as foul.

he flunked out of school. to bad he ran the draw better than warrick dunn! and was a better 3rd down runner too.

yes, but it is not as easy as you are thinking...

a runner is what goes along the ground and a sucker is what sticks to the runner to hold it down and the plant runs a long the ground.

Sweating help a runner because when a runner is running, their heart beat speeds up and warms the runner up. Sweating helps cool down the runner's body.

The runner is considered down when either a: His forward progress stops or b: any part of his body other than his foot or hand touches the ground AND he is touched by a player of an opposing team. There is no "down by contact" in college football. That's only in the pros. When a college player goes down he cannot get up and continue running, period. He does not have to be touched by an opposing player to be considered down.

If the football itself touchs the ground while you have possesion then you are not down.

The runner backs have to be able to run on short grass

Nigeria won the silver medal in men's football and Brazil won silver in women's football.

Certainly. I play 5-aside and I'm a runner (10kms). In football you have to speed up and slow down a lot which works the heart.. I find it helps with my "kick" which means the last part of the run where I habitually speed up into a sprint finish..

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