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What is projection in dance?

A confident presentation of one's body and energy to communicate movement and. meaning clearly to an audience. Repetition. Duplication of a movement or movements phrases within dancechoreography.

What does projection mean in dance?

A confident presentation of one's body and energy to vividly communicate movement and meaning to an audience; performance quality.

What are the big speakers at a concert called?

They are called "PA" speakers. PA meaning "Public Address" is a large loudspeaker design to deliver sound to a large group of audience. You'll often see these large speakers at clubs, concerts, and cinemas. There are two types of PA speakers. "Passive" and "Active" speakers. The passive speakers doesn't have a built-in amplifier. These speakers will require the use of a power source called an "Amplifier" to power these speakers. The active speakers have a built-in amplifier and doesn't require the use of an amplifier.

What is four letter word meaning in front of an audience?

To FACE an audience? LIVE?

Who is the extended audience?

what is the meaning of style

What is a word meaning to pass information?


What is the meaning of 'you communicate in words'?

It means you talk to other people, communicate with them, by using words.

What is the meaning of the latin word ''Audience?

the root word is audiens which literally means "the one hearing". So the audience is those who are listening.

What is the opposite in meaning audience?

An antonym would be: performer.

What is the meaning of latin word communicare?

"To communicate/share."

The study of what speakers say and the meaning of the language they use?


What is a word for a meeting place held to communicate with spirits?

"Cleric" is a word meaning a place held to communicate with spirits.

What is the meaning for obscure?

Not clearly expressed or easily understood

What is the meaning of You were born with the skill to communicate with people easily?

That means that you rarely have a misunderstanding with others, and you are easy to talk to. You are probably a very good listener, and when you talk, you speak clearly and to the point. You may show a lot of your emotions in your eyes, as well.

What is a way that speakers give clues to meaning an emphasis with their voice?


What is an anacronym?

An anacronym is an acronym for which the original meaning is not known to most speakers.

The meaning of explicit?

Clearly expressed, developed or formulated. Outspoken.

What is the meaning of the national flag of Jamaica?

it is clearly for now unknown

Which of these is necessary for a media text to have meaning?

participation by both producers and audience

Who invented psychiatry?

Nobody. It is not an invention. It is an agreement that speakers of a language have about the meaning of a word.

What is the meaning of the word transparent?

Transparent is when you can clearly see through an object

What is the meaning of elocution?

Elocution is the art of reading and speaking clearly to the public.

What is the lyrical meaning of the song ugly by the sugababes?

Blow your speakers up scream it out loud Blow your speakers up let in with the crowd Blow your speakers up party all night Blow your speakers up get in with the crowd Were gonna party till we drop rap

When a character in a movie says or does something that has one meaning but which the audience realizes possesses a totally different meaning?

This is called irony.

The primary tool a playwright uses to convey meaning to an audience is?

*Language or diction

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