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alignment is a key element to the Golf swing. while at the range try placing two clubs down on the ground. one club will be for your swing path, the other for positioning your feet. make "railroad tracks". align the clubs parallel to the target. never point one or the other directly at the target(but parallel) resaon being if one is pointed at the target than the other is pointed off in the wrong direction. practice for several minutes and you will get the jist of were to aim each time.

I like to think of a headless golf shaft stuck to the front of both shoulders so that it forms a line that you can use to align your shoulders to the target. It is also important that you have the same thought when it comes to your hips. If you can imagine these two lines when you are addressing the ball and keep both of them parallel to each other and on target it will help you a great deal. Most alignment problems stem from these two lines not being correctly aligned together. From that point you can open or close your stance to fit the shot you are trying to achieve.

By FutureLPGAgolferA good way to align your shot, FIRST you have to make sure you club face is square. When it's square look straight a out into the fairway from you posture position. The FIRST place you look at, that's where the ball is going to go if you hit it correctly. You don't put a club down on you feet and check, or you don't just turn you head ninety degrees to your shoulders to see where your shoulders are aiming. Just look straight to the fairway as if you about to hit and that's where it should go. THAT SIMPLE!
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Q: In golf how do you get better at aligning yourself toward the target?
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