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In Golf
CONDOR - 4 under par This mighty bird gives its name to the rarest of all occurences in golf: a hole in one on a par five. Only two are recorded. Shaun Lynch on the 496 yard 17th at Teign Valley in July 1995 and L. Brice on the 480 yard 5th at Hope CC, Arkansas in 1962. Both holes are dog-legs.

On the first tee box, honors used to be determined by flipping a tee and seeing where it pointed after landing to select golfing order. This would have to be done at least 3 times in a foursome. Today, there's a new device called the Starter Coin that golfers flip once to decide who tees off 1st, 2nd, 3rd and last all in one flip.
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Has anyone ever scored a condor in golf?

Yes, it's happened at least several times. Since almost nobody - even with today's supercharged equipment -can hit a 500-yard drive, the best place to look for par-5 aces areon those par-5 holes that are severe doglegs, or are even a bithorseshoe-shaped. On such holes, an intrepid long-hitter canatt ( Full Answer )

What is golf?

Golf is a game played on a large open-air course, in which a smallhard ball is struck with a club into a series of small holes in theground, the object being to use the fewest possible strokes tocomplete the course.If you want to get more instruction about golfthen go for

What is the Andean Condor?

Answer . A bird in the vulture family. It is the heaviest flying land bird in the western hemisphere. This bird lives primarily in the Andes Mountains and is the national symbol of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, and Columbia.

What do condors eat?

Condors eat carrion, they like eating dead bodies of cattle or deer. They are scavengers.

What is a condor?

A condor is a type of bird known as a vulture. Condors are thelargest flying birds in the western hemisphere.

Where are condors found?

The Andean Condor lives in the Andes in south America, whilst the Californian Condor lives in coastal mountains on the western seaboard of the USA

Why is the California condor endangered?

Because of lost of habitat. The use of DDT in the crops also affected the condor. The eggs of the condor have been deformed or not hatched at all. Shells have gotten so thin that the bird sitting on them crack the shells. The toxins have killed most of the birds.

What eats condors?

Mainly, I guess people would eat condor's if they like to after hunted. Or certain disease carried by bugs that bite Condors.

How tall is a condor?

A california condor is a bird that is only have 294 in its species today it lives in California los Angelos it is a rare bird

How big are condors?

Although it is on average about five cm shorter from beak to tail than the California Condor, the Andean Condor is larger in wingspan, which ranges from 274 to 310 cm (8.99 to 10.2 ft). It is also heavier, reaching up to 11 to 15 kg (24 to 33 lb) for males and 7.5 to 11 kg (17 to 24 lb) for females. ( Full Answer )

How many specis of condors are there?

At present,two species of condors exist in the wild. Both are endangered,one critically,the California condor.The andean condor is found in South America,and although in trouble,not nearly as bad as our native California condor.The California condor has recently been released back into the wild,and ( Full Answer )

How big is a condor?

Californian condors have a wingspan of 2.9 meters and can weigh up to 23lb Andean condors have a wingspan of up to 3.1 meters and can weigh up to 33lb for males and 24lb for females.

A condor is a insect?

\n. \nNo, it is a large vulture, which is a type of bird, with a 9.5 foot wing span..

A condor is an insect?

No, a Condor is a bird. Condor is the name for two species of New World vultures. They are the largest flying land birds in the Western Hemisphere. Condors are part of the family Cathartidae, whereas the 15 species of Old World vultures are in the family Accipitridae, that also includes falcons, ( Full Answer )

What was the condor legion?

The Condor legion was a German military unit, made up of volunteers from the army and air force. It fought with the Nationalists in the Spanish Civil War.

Are Condors Extinct?

\nThere are 327 California Condors known to be living, about half of them in captivity as part of breeding/release programs.\n. \nThe Andean Condor, the only other New World member of the family, is believed to number about 1500 individuals, mostly in the Bolivian Andes.

What is a Californian Condor?

The Californian Condor is a dinosaur that lives in the Sarhrah Desert. It is still alive today. And it eats pooh.. The Californian Condor is a dinosaur that lives in the Sarhrah Desert. It is still alive today. And it eats pooh.

Who were the Pittsburgh Condors?

The ABA's former Pittsburgh Pipers then the Minnesota Pipers and then back to Pittsburgh and a name change until their franchise was canceled in June of 1972.

How is the California Condor important to its environment?

They are nature's cleaning crew. Condors consume carrion (deadanimal carcasses). The birds prefer the carcasses of large deadanimals like deer, cattle, and sheep. However, they are also knownto eat the carcasses of smaller animals like rodents and rabbits.(Source: ( Full Answer )

What are the California condors threats?

The main threats to California condors are, lead poisoning caused by them eating animal carcases that have been shot, and also from being shot themselves.

What is the Distribution for the California condors?

Current condor distribution is limited to three major reintroduction sites. These include reserves in California located in Ventura, Santa Barbara, Kern, Monterey and San Luis Obispo counties. In northern Arizona, condors are located primarily near the Vermilion cliffs and Grand Canyon. A third rein ( Full Answer )

Are condors hunted?

Condors are hunted. They are hunted for their feathers. Their feathers are then put up in a Musial as an exhibit

What is the predators of condors?

Adult condors do not have any predators. Young condors and condor eggs could be hunted by anything from snakes to mountain lions (although condors build their nests on hard-to-reach ledges on cliffs.

Are Californian condor endangered?

Yes, the California Condor is one of the most endangered birds; In 1980 there were fewer than 25 birds left in the wild. Captive breeding programs were established, and the first captive-bred California Condors, were released into the wild in 1992.

Do condors fly at night?

No they don't. When Condors fly they use thermals (warm air) to get high in the sky. At night time there are no thermals because there is no sun.

What is a double condor in golf?

A condor is 4 under par on a given hole, so a double condor would most likely be 5 under par on a given hole. The only way this could be achieved is a hole in one on a par 6, which would only require a 700 yard or so drive.

Who harms or eats a condor?

A condor has no animal enemies but it is possible for an animal to eat it but its only active enemies are humans also it could depend on the type of condor.

What was the size of the Fw-200 Condor?

32.83m span X 23.46m long X 6.3m high. Source: Jim Winchester's Military Aircraft Visual Encyclopedia printed by Amber Books Ltd.

Is a condor a scavenger?

A Californian Condor is a type of vulture, they wait til something dies then they eat the remains of it, it is a type of carnivore almost but yes, it is a scavenger.

Where condors live?

The Andean Condor (Vultur gryphus) inhabits the Andean mountains and the California condor (Gymnogyps californianus), are currently restricted to western coastal mountains of the United States and Mexico.

Why shouldn't you save the condor?

We are all free to decide how important we believe condors (or any other species) are to us. On the one hand, if condors become extinct, all future generations will be deprived of condors (unless at some future date scientists are able to recreate extinct species through some form of genetic enginee ( Full Answer )

How are they keeping the California condor alive?

California condors have been conserved through various means. They are listed here: . Due to the California Condor Recovery Plan, captive breeding of over 2200 birds has begun, protecting them from various dangers posed to birds in freedom. . Captive-bred condors are trained to avoid people and po ( Full Answer )

Where do califoria condors live in?

California condors live mainly in California, where they have southern coastal ranges from Big Sur to Ventura County. They also live in southeastern areas of California such as the Transverse Range and the southern Sierra Nevada. Populations have also been found in northern Baja California and the s ( Full Answer )

What caused condors to become endangered?

The pesticides caused the eggs to be so fragile that when the mother tried to incubinate them the eggs breaks now the pesticide is illegal to protect the condors.

Who is stronger lammergeier or condor?

If the two species were to get into a fight, thelammergeier/bearded vulture would probably win. . Lammergeiers are old world vultures and more closely related toeagles and hawks. They have stronger feet than new world vultures(like the California Condor) to carry large pieces of bones highinto the ( Full Answer )

What is a condor baby called?

At this time, there is no special name for the baby of a condor. It is only called a baby condor .

What is the Latin name for condor?

There are two species of condor: the Andean condor and the California condor. The Latin name for the Andean condor is Vultur gryphus . The Latin name for the California condor is Gymnogyps californianus .

How big is it California condor?

A California condor's length ranges from 43 to 55 inches (or 109 to 140 centimeters). Their weight can range from 15 to 31 pounds (or 7 to 14.1 kilograms), though they usually weigh between 18 to 20 pounds (or 8 to 9 kilograms). Their wingspan ranges from 8.2 to 9.8 feet (or 2.49 to 3 mete ( Full Answer )

Why it was named andean condor?

Condor being the name of that particular bird, and Andean because they live in the Andes mountains from Venezuela to Argentina, But they mainly focus around the Andes in Peru.

Why was the condor endangered?

They get shot for skin or food. Not much people like to have it by itself so they use it as flavor.

What does condor mean?

The official definition of the word condor is "a large New Worldvulture with a bare head and mainly black plumage, living inmountainous country and spending much time soaring."