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Q: In maori what does 'motu' mean?
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How do you say island in maori?


What does Te Motu mean in Maori?

The island. Nowadays it is often used to mean New Zealand as a whole.

What is the maori name for Bluff?


What does motu mean in Samoan?


What nicknames did Whina Cooper go by?

Whina Cooper went by Whaea O Te Motu (Mother of the Nation in Maori).

What does rose mean in Maori?

rose is rōhi in Maori .

What does ika mean in maori?

Ika is Maori for fish.

What does Kuri mean in Maori?

Kuri is the Maori word for dog.

What does anahera mean in maori?

Anahera means angel in maori.

What does Morena mean in Maori?

Morena means 'morning' in Maori.

When did Moetara Motu Tongaporutu die?

Moetara Motu Tongaporutu died in 1838.

When was Motu Matu'u born?

Motu Matu'u was born on 1987-04-30.

When was Motu Tony born?

Motu Tony was born on 1981-05-29.

What does chur mean in maori?

it means "mean feed bro" coz its like a maori thhnaag.

What does the maori term nui mean?

nui in maori means big

What does the Maori word for grandchildren mean?

The Maori word for grandchildren is mokopuna.

What is the maori word for you love maori?

Assuming you mean "Love the Maori language", the phrase is "Arohatia te reo" which means love the [Maori] language.

In Maori what does Maori mean?

It means 'ordinary' or 'natural' . I te reo Maori - ko te tikanga o te kupu, ko te Maori.

When was De motu corporum in gyrum created?

De motu corporum in gyrum was created in 1684.

What does kaahukura mean?

Kahukura is the Maori word for rainbow. Maori is a Polynesian language spoken by indigenous Maori of New Zealand.

What does o te reo maori mean in English?

o = of te reo maori = (the) maori language

What is a snapper maori name?

Assuming you mean 'What is the Maori word for Snapper' then the answer is... Tamure'

How do you say water in Maori?

In Maori, "wai" can mean water, juice, or liquid.

What does pakehua mean in maori?

Pakeha means a European person, non Maori.

How do you say hello in hiri motu?