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Q: In number the stars what explanation and comments from adults seem mysterious and strange to Annemarie?
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How do you spell mystreius?

The correct spelling is mysterious (unknown, secretive, strange).

What another word for strange?

Try queer, mysterious, odd

What is a synonym for mysterious?

suspiciousPuzzling, Strange, Peculiar, Inexplicable just to name a few.

How do you spell mistery?

The correct spelling is mysterious (unexplained, strange).

What are synonyms of unknown?

Synonyms for unknown are indefinite, mysterious, strange, unfamiliar, unheard of, nameless, and unidentified.mysterious

What sign or picture symbolises strange or mysterious?

Can u be more specific in terms of language or reference point

What has the author Donald C Wilson written?

Donald C. Wilson has written: 'Strange and Mysterious Visitors'

What are synomons for exotic?

unusual, striking, strange, fascinating, mysterious, unfamiliar, foreign, alien, tropical, external

What explanation does Brutus give Portia for his strange behavior?

He says he is not well in health (that he is sick).

What is a simple sentence for the story Landlady by Roald Dahl?

it is abour the landlady

Why was Harry Potter wrote?

The creators wanted a character and a mysterious one to so they made Harry potter and thought he was good enough and decided he got through and they wanted this film to be strange, mystical and mysterious.....:)

What part of speech is the word paranormal?

Paranormal HAS no suffix. Para is the prefix and Normal is the root word