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In the ancient Greek religion, an oracle was generally a holy site at which a priest could ask the gods about the future. The most famous oracle was the Oracle at Delphi, where the god Apollo answered questions about the future. It is also common usage to talk about a person as an oracle.

Other pagans examined entrails and other signs to divine the future. This was more of a superstition, somewhat like reading tea-leaves today. This person could be called a diviner.

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What do Astrologists make?

person who studies the stars and planets to predict the future

What do you call a man who predicts the future?

A person with the supposed ability to predict the future is called a clairvoyant, regardless of their gender.

What is the definition to oracle?

An Oracle is a person who can see or predict the future, considered wise or prophetic.

What is the definition of a prophet?

To the ancient Hebrews, a prophet was someone thoughtto be able to communicate with God on behalf of the people. He was not expected to be able to predict the future. In later times, and particularly in Christianity, a prophet came to be a person claimed to be able to prophesy future events.

Why would a person go to see an oracle at the temple of delphis?

Because the oracle was supposedly able to predict the future.

3 people dream about the same person leaving?

Dreams do not predict the future, they only tell you what is on people's minds.

Was Nostradamus a fake?

A:People can use scientific methods to predict probable events and outcomes, and can extrapolate past events to estimate likely future events, but no one has ever been able simply to prophecy future events. Anyone who claims otherwise is a fake, including Nostradamus. The writings of Nostradamus are couched in such obscure and ambiguous terms that someone can always read into them prophecies of events in our our time, but the same passage can be read by another person as an infallible prophecy of a different event that occurred or will occur at another time or place.

How did the Aztecs predict the future?

by reading into a giant glass ball!! umm seriously how ? -this is the person who asked this question typing B.T.W :)

What is a summary of the prophet?

A person who is Filled with the Holy Spirit, and tells future events as how God Reveals them to him/her.

What do you call a person who has visions of the future?

There is no name for the person, but they are called premonitions. Some people have them, visions of future events. I have had around 5 myself. All of mine were nothing important. But you never know....

Does it mean anything when you dream about someone?

No, dreaming about someone does not provide any special information about that person's thoughts or feelings. Neither does it predict any future events or mean that you are destined to meet, love or marry that person. In fact, dreaming about someone you don't know does not even mean that person is not entirely a product of your own imagination.

Why do you dream about kissing the person i like?

These are wish-fulfillment dreams. Your mind produces a lovely experience for you to enjoy in your sleep. It does not predict the future or mean that you are destined to love that person. It also does not mean that the person is thinking or dreaming of you.

What is an acturist?

An acturist is actually called an 'actuary." An actuary is a person who make a living of studying uncertain future events. Generally, an actuary uses math, financial theories and statistics to study future events in relation to pension programs and insurance.

Can a doctor predict whether a girl is a virgin?

No, no person, doctor or not, can predict if a female is a virgin.

What is the role of astrology in Hinduism?

Astrology played a vital role in Hinduism. Astrologers were so accurate that they could predict the future of a person by just seeing the planetary movement.

How can you use oracle in a sentence which means a person that believes they can predict the future?

The travelers consulted an oracle before continuing their journey. Some people don't believe in oracles.

Is there such thing as a fortune teller?

Fortune tellers certainly exist in that people who claim to be able to predict the future exist, but there is no hard evidence that suggests that these people can predict the future more accurately than the average person. Some recent experiments have shown that humans' brains can respond to stimuli fractions of seconds before it occurs. While this is scientifically interesting, if the information is accurate, it would indicate that anyone can "predict the future" in fraction-of-second intervals on some subconscious level, which is very different from what fortune tellers attempt to do.

What is a psychic medium?

A psychic medium is a person who has two gifts. They are both psychic, which means they know of future events, and they can speak to spirits.

Is ''Jew'' a religion?

A Jew is a person. Judaism is a religion. A Jew is a person of the religion of Judaism (the Jewish religion).See also the Related Link.What is Judaism

What do you call a person who believes his dreams?

Well ! If some person believes that his/her dreams do come true, means he believes he/she has the ability to perceive events in the future is normally called Clairvoyant.

What do you call a person who predicts the future events?

I think its a phycic? If i mention a persons name that i havent seen in a long time .. they show up ... what am i ?

Predict how talla person would be if his or her leg length was 37cm How tall do you predict this person would be if the individual had a leg of 48 cm?

5 fot 8

Can Astrology predict the future?

According to astrologers, the future can be predicted by astrology. But as with all things good, there is a catch here too. Although astrologers claim to be able to predict the future, and there has been plenty of evidence over the years to support their claims, they are very clear to point that astrology can only predict major events and trends in the future, and not specific details. So, astrology may be able to predict whether you are going to have a good few years in the near future or go through a rough time, but it may not be able to predict the reasons for it. Astrologers also say that astrological predictions are all made, keeping in mind, that things will run their natural course. But due to variables such as the Free Will of people, such events may not always come to pass in their natural course and may be affected by the choices that any person makes at any point in their life. These choices, which are made out of your Free Will, can alter predictions about the future, positively as well as negatively. Thus, although the cosmic bodies and their positions are a very accurate and reliable source of knowing the future, what is also true is that no one is bound by their stars, and all of us make choices which affect our future and the astrological predictions about it. Apart from its ability to predict future trends, astrology can also be used to create the future. For example, a friend, a professional musician, was about to audition for a gig. I advised him to show up early, before a void-of-course Moon kicked in (nothing comes of things started during a void-of-course Moon). He did as suggested, leaving all the other candidates to audition while the Moon was void-of-course. As luck would have it, the band leader chose someone else for the job -- but that choice was made while the Moon was void-of-course (yes, we took that into account). As it turned out, the person picked had a scheduling conflict and couldn't perform with the band, so my friend received an "unexpected message" a few days later (shown by his own natal chart) offering him the job instead.

What does it mean to dream about a classmate in your house?

Your house is a metaphor representing your life. Having a classmate in your house in this dream merely illustrates this person "in" your life. It does not predict anything in the future. Any further meaning depends on how you felt about having this person in your house.

What is a person who tries to predict when and where an earthquake will occur?

A volcanologist

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