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In pearl how do you get a master ball if you already used one?


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you use another game, you make a Pokemon hold it, you trade it to pearl.


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Master Ball (unless you already used it), Ultra Ball, Quick Ball, Timer Ball, and if you are Jesus you can use a Poke Ball

Usually by trading a Pokemon carrying a Master Ball from a different Pokemon game.

you can only use a master ball once because there is only 1 in the game.

No. However, you can clone a Master Ball on Emerald. There are also codes to get multiple Master Balls.

well usually i think its best to use a game shark or trade a ditto then before you used your master ball give your master ball to your ditto then make ditto make an egg then once after the egg hatches check the ditto and it will have a master ball i haven't did this yet because i already used my master ball but i think it works with any kind of poke ball

Master ball. if u already used it ultra dusk and quick balls.

I would recommened the ultra ball or master ball [if you haven't used it already which most people have]

1st you must find the legendary Pokemon you want next you must ethier have master ball(s) or try your luck regular pokeballs, quick balls, luxary balls, or any other ballAnswer 2If you already used your master ball then try getting the legendary Pokemon to fall asleep. Or try paralize.

If you cannot catch palkia with a normal Ultra Ball then use the master ball. There arent any more extremely hard to catch legendaries except Girantina which i used a dark ball and got it fine. Hope this helped!

no i don't belive you can unless you have Pokemon silver and than you can trade over a Pokemon holding the master ball and i hope this helps

action replay no other way to bad hahahahahahaNo, a game shark you IDIOT!!!!!!!!!

no it won't be holding a master ball cos when you used the master ball to catch a certain Pokemon, the master ball will be gone in your inventory because it is a consumable.

With a master ball. If you've already used your master ball for the legendary dog or something, tough luck. I guess you could buy about 200 ultra balls and hope for the best, but the best way is to use the master ball.

this link will show you how to get to the spear pillar and if you already used the master ball already you can get one from the Pokemon ID lotto in jublilife TV station if your Pokemon ID matched the lottery number http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydJC7AcohUg

Use a master ball. Unlike Mesprit, they'll run away from you before you can use Mean Look. They also know Roost which heals their HP making them even harder to catch. To catch all three with a master ball get Diamond/Pearl. You also need another DS. Once you get the master ball from Cyrus in Diamond/Pearl have one of your Pokemon hold it in that game then trade that Pokemon, take the ball from it then trade it back if you want. If you saved the master ball in Platinum BOOM you already have two! After that delete your Diamond/Pearl game then do the same thing again. If you don't have another DS then use the master ball on the one you want the most and try to use quick balls on the other two. actually mate if you use mean look it will work as long as the pokemons speeds high enough

To obtain another Master Ball after having already used the first one, you must have some luck on your side. The Goldenrod Radio Tower has a Lottery Corner, where if all 5 numbers of the ID of any of your Pokemon match (including those in the PC), you will receive a Master Ball. You can do this multiple times, but takes a lot of luck and patience. You can also have a friend trade over a Pokemon with it holding a Master Ball. If you have an Action Replay, you could use a code to get another Master Ball.

I recommend master ball. If you already used you're master ball on (Weather trio, Regis, ect ) then you're in for a wild run across either hoenn ( Shapphire, Emerald ) or Kanto ( SoulSilver )

The only way to get another master ball in Pokemon dimond whithout cheating is by giving a Pokemon a master ball as an item in another game and trading that Pokemon to your Pokemon dimond game and take the master ball then you can use it. Or you can get an action replay at www.amizon.com for $20.00 and find the master ball cheat for it then you can get lots of master balls all the time it realy works try it.

There's no legit way to get another master ball, aside from hacking the game you can't. You can win the lotto.

You cannot. You will only have one Master Ball in the game. Unless you used cheats..

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