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Only if the department requires their officers to carry a tazer. If so, then yes, all officers must be tasered

If you do get tazered, you should make sure you Have no muscle injuries or heart problems, as this could cause major problems to your health if tazered. If you were ever born with a heart murmur ot have muscle spasms do not get tazered.

I hold a taser. There is High Medium Low voltage.

in police training. Low voltage on a taser/tazer is Painful, But.. You will only have to do it for about a second then release.

Being tased is one of the most painful way of dieing.

You would most likely to die on high voltage.

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Q: In police officer training do you get tasered?
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What kind of training is needed to become a police officer?

police officer training

What training do you need to become a police officer?

you will need physical and mental training to become a police officer.

Do any schools offer police officer training in Madison, WI?

There are no schools that offer police officer training, they mostly offer crimical justice courses. If you are looking for police officer training then you can enroll in the police acdemy in your area.

Where would you go to train to be a police officer?

A police training academy (run by the police for people they have accepted for training).

What kind of training to become a police officer?

what kind of training and eduction are neede to become a police

How do I get police officer training?

You can apply at your local community college for police officer training. This kind of training will take anything from eight weeks up to six months.

Do you need training to be a police officer?

(in the US) Yes, training is not only necessary, it is mandatory.

How do you become a riot police officer?

You first must become a Police Officer , then you can apply for Riot Control or S.W.A.T. Training if you wanted to

what training is required to become a police officer?

Different states have different requirements regarding training to become a police officer. Generally, most states will require the candidate to pass a background check and to complete a police academy. You can find more information at

What companies offer police training?

Police training is usually a state, city or federal run program and not usually offered by companies. Security guard training may be privately offered but not police officer training.

How long is the training to become a police officer?

Because the training program to become a police officer differences from each jurisdiction, there is no set time the training can take place in. On the East Coast some training programs can take as long as 6 months.

Police officer training difficult?

Officer training is incredibly difficult and psychosocially and physically rigorous. If you are overweight it may be quite difficult for you without some previous training.

Does a police officer go to a training camp when he gets a college degree?

Yes it is called police academy

Police training how long?

Usually around 3-6 months, but you should be training even before you start applying to become a police officer.

Can you become a police officer if you did not take PE as an GCSE?

Yes, you will do excercise tuff in officer training, but be in shape and fit

What is lateral police officer?

A "lateral" officer, in our area, means an officer who has transferred from another department, and their training and qualifications are accepted. A lateral officer needs only minimal training to adapt to a new department or jurisdiction.

How do you become a SWAT officer?

SWAT officers first take police officer training, and then are specially trained as tactical officers.

What special training is needed to become a police officer?

Dont need none :P

What happens if you hit a cop?

Most jurisdictions make "assaulting a police officer" a specific crime. You can expect to be arrested and charged with that. More immediately, depending on how much of a threat the police officer thinks you are, you could potentially be shot or at least tasered.

Can an out of state police officer join the Connecticut stat police?

Yes, but the officer would have to pass the same tests and complete the same training academy as every other member of the Connecticut State Police.

How much police training does it take to be an officer?

Training period depends on different states police departments. If you are a graduate then you can give groups exams of particular state and enter the police department. It nearly takes one to two years of training.

Where is the training to Indian police service held?

Police training for Federal Bureau of Indian Affairs Police is held at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center detachment in Artesia New Mexico. Many Indian Tribal Police, however, are trained to State Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST).

Is a firearm safety license required to become a police officer?

You would be trained for and be a holder of all the licences you require including firearms by the time you complete your Police Officer training.

What kind of training do police officers have to go through to become a police officer?

they have to learn how to shoot and have to go through physical training they have to be strong and u have to learn about criminal justice

Police officer Field training officer program courses?

Please revise the question so we understand what exactly it is you wish to know.