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it is directly under he door. its got a handle

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In Poptropica big Nate island Where is the power switch?

When You Go Into The Secret Detention Room And you jump down the Light switch is on the wall.

What island was after Super Power Island on Poptropica?

The 6th island in Poptropica was Spy Island.

In Poptropica secret room Where is the power switch?

it is by the carbord just move your mose aront till you find something to click

What do you do in super power island Poptropica?

in super power island in poptropica you get to defeat 6 villains that escaped from jail!

What is the next island in Poptropica after super power?

The island after Super Power Island was Spy Island.

How do you get every power on super power island and get to use them on different islands on poptropica?

You can only get the power to fly. You can only use the flying power on super power island. You can though get a jet pack on early poptropica island and fly around on that island all you want with the jet pack but you can only use it on early poptropica island. - yeahdudes

Where is Poptropica power ranger island and how do you get there?

There is no Power Ranger Island on Poptropica. It may be a link from one of the ad-games. See the link below to the Power Rangers game site.

How do you fly on any island poptropica?

You can only do it on Super Power Island.

How do you fly on poptropica any island?

The only Island you can fly on is Super Power Island.

What is the name of level 6 on Poptropica?

The 6th island was Spy Island.Order in which Poptropica islands were released :Early PoptropicaShark Tooth IslandTime Tangled Island24 Carrot IslandSuper Power IslandSpy Island

What islands are on Poptropica?

Early Poptropica was the first island created for Poptropica.Shark Tooth Island was the second island released on Poptropica.Time Tangled Island was the third island released on Poptropica.24 Carrot Island was the fourth island released on Poptropica.Super Power Island was the fifth island released on Poptropica.Spy Island was the sixth island released on Poptropica.Nabooti Island was the seventh island released on Poptropica.Big Nate Island was the eighth island released on Poptropica.Astro-Knights Island was the ninth island released on Poptropica.Counterfeit Island was the tenth island released on Poptropica.Reality TV Island was the eleventh island released on Poptropica.Mythology Island was the twelfth island released on Poptropica.Skullduggery Island was the thirteenth island released on Poptropica.Steamworks Island was the fourteenth island released on Poptropica.Great Pumpkin Island was the fifteenth island released on Poptropica.Cryptids Island was the sixteenth island released on Poptropica.Wild West Island was the seventeenth island released on Poptropica.Wimpy Wonderland was the eighteenth island released on Poptropica.Red Dragon Island was the nineteenth island released on Poptropica.Shrink Ray Island was the twentieth island released on Poptropica.Mystery Train Island was the twenty-first island released on Poptropica.Game Show Island was the twenty-second island released on Poptropica.Ghost Story Island was the twenty-third island on Poptropica.S.O.S Island was the twenty-fourth island on Poptropica.Vampire's Curse Island was the twenty-fifth island on Poptropica.Twisted Thicket Island was the twenty-sixth island on Poptropica.Upcoming IslandsPoptropolis Games Island will be the twenty-seventh island on Poptropica. For further detail on the island, be sure to check out Wikipedia for a description and what you have to accomplish.

How do you find super power island?

Super Power Island, like all islands on Poptropica, is accessed from the Island Map. If you are new to Poptropica, this is the first view you will see. If you are on another island, go to Main Street and locate the Poptropica blimp, from which you can select "travel" to reach any other island.

What level is the easiest in Poptropica?

the easiest world in poptropica is,[big nate island] then,[the great pumpkin island] then,[early poptropica island] then,[shark tooth island] then,[24 carrot island] then,[time tangled island] then,[nabooti island] then,[super power island] then,[spy island].

Where is the bank in Poptropica?

The bank is in Super Power Island.

How do you turn on the power swithes in 24 carot island poptropica?

Here is the motor switch code. You flip the first switch to the middle, then you switch the middle switch all the way to the bottom, the on the last switch you flip it down to the middle again. middle,down,middle

How do you get out of super power island on Poptropica?

To leave, use the Poptropica blimp on Main Street. (To complete the island, see the related question.)

What was the fifth island on Poptropica?

After the first four (Early Poptropica, Shark Tooth, Time Tangled, and 24 Carrot), the 5th island was Super Power Island.

How do you stay in one spot in midair in Poptropica?

LevitatingIn Early Poptropica Island, you can use the Jet Pack to fly. When you're flying, hold the left mouse button with the arrow on your character. In Super Power Island, use your flying power if you have it to fly. Do the same steps you'd do in Early Poptropica Island in Super Power Island.

Where to get a hot dog on Poptropica?

You can get a hot dog on poptropica in super power island in the city park

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