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A Grand Jury only hears witnesses brought forth by the prosecutor. The defense attorney(s) and defendant(s) are not present at the hearing. Witnesses are not allowed to have their attorney present, but may excuse themselves to confer with legal counsel outside of the hearing/court room.

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Q: In preliminary proceedings can a defense attorney also call witnesses before a grand jury?
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The judge requested the defense attorney to produce his witnesses one by one

Who is in a court house work-group?

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If witnesses misrepresent the facts, the defense attorney has proof to support our story.

Who has the harder job a defense attorney or a prosecuting attorney?

Well,a prosecutor is someone who prosecutes,meaning files arguments against the suspect or the one breaking the law. While the Defense Attorney is the one falsify the arguments given by the prosecuting attorney technically the defense attorney's job is harder because most prosecuting attorney don't file charges that aren't good and it is hard to defend against something that counts on witnesses and evidences.

How long can a preliminary hearing be postponed?

If your attorney has waived speedy trial it can be delayed as long as your defense attorney wishes (or your state law allows) providing it is done with the agreement of the prosecutors office.

Can defense attorney be called as a witness?

Yes. But, the defense attorney would have to remove him/her self as the defense attorney

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A defense attorney is an attorney that defends your position in court. Generally, a defense attorney represents people accused of a crime.

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The role of a defense attorney is to represent the accused. The defense attorney prepares the case, argues the charges and presents evidence to show reasonable doubt.

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There is no such thing as a DWI defense attorney, if you meant a DUI defense attorney, then the services provided are those of defending someone who has received a DUI.

How long should a person wait for a preliminary hearing in Indiana?

Once you are arraigned you fall under the provisions of the "speedy trial" rule, usually 90 days. However, that minimum time can be waived by your defense attorney for whatever reason - usually in order to gather information to prepare for your defense.

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Public attorney

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