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In puberty what is happening to your body?

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The concept of puberty is for your body to grow and mature and be able to reproduce

You will know when you have hit puberty when you have irrational mood swings, if your a girl your breasts will enlarge and form and your period will start (some people later than others), your hips will take form and you will get a more hourglass figure. if you are a boy your shoulders will broaden, you might notice a change in your penis, your voice will start to become deeper, sometimes when your body is going through this change you might get sudden erections. But both boys and Girls will notice pubic hair starting to grow.
This process usually starts in the ages of 12-15.

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Why can puberty be so challenging?

Many people find puberty challenging because there are a lot of changes happening to the body. also there is an hormonal imbalance

How did you handle puberty?

You pretty much just enjoy all the good, new things that are happening to your body. Enjoy it!

Why can't males reproduce until puberty?

Puberty is when the hormones start to produce sperm, amongst other things happening to the body. Male's need sperm to inseminate the female and thus reproduce.

If you have pubic hair does it mean you have reached puberty?

Yes, if you have started to develop pubic hair, you are going through puberty. Although other changes may not be visible, they are happening in your body, and will become noticeable as you develop.

Can you get preganant before puberty?

No, puberty is the body preparing the reproductive parts of the body for reproduction no puberty no pregnancy.

What are the changes happening during puberty?

Because then you will fully be mature

Can a person stop puberty from occurring?

No. No one can stop puberty form happening. And why would anyone want to do so? Puberty is a very important process in life.

Does body odor mean puberty?

In most of the cases , yes. Body odour is a sign of puberty.

Why do you need puberty?

Puberty lets the body sexually mature.

What is adolescsence or puberty?

Puberty is the process of overall body development. Adolescence is the age when puberty occurs.

I am scared of puberty what should I do?

skip it. --------------- New answer: No, you cannot just "skip it". If you are frightened by the changes that are happening to your body, you should see a doctor who can explain what's going on and help you through it. Remember that puberty is normal and that it commonly does cause fear in many people.

Why is puberty happening?

Reproduction, or the ability to reproduce is the main reason for puberty. Without this change the life expectancy of the species in question is the life of the individual.

What happens to your body when you go through puberty?

The main thing that happens is that the body becomes sexually mature. After puberty, the body is capable of reproduction.

Why your body goes through puberty?

Puberty is the process in which your body reaches sexual maturity. You are not born sexually active, therefore you must go through puberty before you can.

What does puberty prepare you for?

Puberty prepares the woman's body for having and nursing children. Puberty also prepares the man's body for fertilizing the woman's egg so she can have a child.

What is puberty and why puberty occurs?

Puberty is the process in which our body grows overall. Puberty mainly occurs to make you capable of reproduction for the survival of the species.

Why is it important for kids to know about puberty?

Puberty can be a very tough time for some teenagers, so learning about what will be happening and why it is happening is very reassuring; just knowing that what happens is completely normal is a very comforting thought for many teenagers.

What does puberty result in?

Puberty is the process by which the body becomes sexually mature. It also make a body able to reproduce. The height and weight of the body increase.

Does your body size effect when you hit puberty?

yes, during puberty, there is an increase in body size. the height and the weight of the body, both increase rapidly.

What does puberty indicate?

Puberty is nothing but a span of rapid growth of body . It indicates that the time has come to start sexual development. At the end of puberty, the body is mature to bear child

Is sleeping while in puberty ok?

sleeping more helps your body do it things to your body in puberty to help you to grow up

Explain what puberty and pubescence means?

Puberty refers to the process of physical changes by which a child's body becomes an adult body capable of reproduction. Puberty is initiated by hormone signals from the brain to the gonads (the ovaries and testes). Puberty: refers to the process of physical changes by which a child's body becomes an adult body capable of reproduction. Puberty is initiated by hormone signals from the brain to the gonads (the ovaries and testes). And pubescence means puberty.

What is happening with me?

if your a girl your probably having your first period. if your a guy.... get a girl its your puberty kicking in.

What is happening to the plates under the Atlantic ocean to make it expand?

it goes through puberty

What does puberty and maturation lead to?

During puberty the body becomes sexually mature. This means that after puberty, the person is capable of reproduction.