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Q: In regards to zoo keepers what are the chances of acquiring the bird flu?
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Is a flamingo considered a bird?

It has feathers, a beak, lays eggs and can yeah, chances are pretty good its a bird.

Is the thunder-bird a real bird?

No one knows if the Thunder Bird really exists, but I believe it does. If you want to increase chances of seeing it, go to the SW United States.

What are seed eating birds called?

Amongst bird-keepers - seedeaters. Otherwise, there is no name that describes them all beyond the scientific name for seedeater - granivorous.

How do you know when parakeets are pregnant?

Parakeets don't get pregnant, they lay eggs. If a female bird has mated with a male bird of its same species, chances are eggs will come soon.

What do orphaned baby birds eat?

Orphaned baby birds in the wild die. Captive birds can get help from bird keepers who feed them with droppers or bottles that have liquid food concentrates in them.

What causes bird-keepers lung?

You are probably referring to a condition known as "bird fancier's lung". Which is often miswritten as "bird keeper's lung".Bird fancier's lung is a form of hypersensitivity pneumonitis, a medical condition in which the lungs become inflamed with granuloma formation.It is caused by over-exposure to avian proteins found in the dust of bird droppings (and sometimes the feathers of certain species).Further reading:Bird Fancier's Lung on Wikipedia

Does it matter which tree you hang a nest in?

It doesn't matter much, although if you are looking for a certain type of bird you may want to do some research on its favorite type of tree. That way your chances will be higher to see that type of bird nesting in the bird house.

How do you get birds to nest in your backyard?

You could build a bird house. You could put out bird food and a bird bath to make your chances better.Theres probably already a bird nesting in your yard somewhere. They like to nest in dense shrubbery and trees. You might just not be seeing the nest. They usually hide it.

Where do you buy bantam hens?

There are many places, such as: -Local chicken keepers, farms, and farmers markets -Fairs and bird shows -Classifieds -Websites such as Craigslist, My Pet Chicken, Eggbid, and BackyardChickens Forum

How to align 76 Corvette doors?

chances are if your doors need alligning you either have a bad striker in the jamb,or have a bad bird cage.

What causes your mileage not to move in a 1995 thunder bird?

the engine does run chances are that the speedometer cable is broken or the gear in the transmission is striped

Can you put a fish in your bird bath on animal crossing?

OK, listen to me now... BIRD and FISH, its logically impossible that you can put a fish into a bird bath. think about it, your chances of you being able to pull of something like that, would be, I don't know... ONE in about, a MILLION! think about it...

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