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Yes you can, provided they have one of course.

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Does anyone have a runescape account with a lot of money and gear they can give to you?

Sharing, Buying And Selling RuneScape Accounts Is Against Runescape Rules. You Will be banned once you get someone elses account. please don't get yourself banned... ... ... ...

In runescape where is Jack Frost when your imp's name is Marcus?

well even if your imp's name is the same as someone elses jack frost is on one of the white parts on the runescape world map

How do you be someone elses penguin on Club Penguin?

you hav to download a password finder to be someone elses penguin or such as hacking

How do you get an ID?

take someone elses ;)

Can you get sued for scamming a member card on runescape?

I would say yes because you are stealing someone elses in real life money. Although I highly doubt they will sue you over $13 or so.

How can I have a different family?

Well you can get married to someone else or you can be someone elses spouce.

How do you start snogging?

you touch you lips to someone elses :)

How do you design a speaker?

Copyright someone elses design

When does karrablast evolve?

trade it with someone elses shelmet

Is it illegal to sign anything with someone elses signature without consent?

It is illegal to sign anything with someone elses signature WITH or WITHOUT consent. It is a criminal offence called "forgery".

Can I get someone elses life?

There is a book called 'Someone else's life' by Katie Dale

What is paroalogism?

When you copy someone elses work and you give them no credit for it.

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