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In science weight means the heaviness or mass of an object. It is determined by the local acceleration of gravity times the mass of the body.

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Q: In science what does weight mean?
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What does weight mean in science?

its were u weight something i think

What does weight mean in science terms?

In science, the weight of an object is the force on the object due to gravity.

What does a fixed variable mean in science?

A variable within an experiment that remains the same. Such as the weight of a pendulum.

In science terms What is weight?

In science weight is the gravitational pull a planet/moon has on an object.

What does spatial science mean?

science mean having

What does science concept mean?

it mean it is a concept of science

What does the word prism mean in science?

what does prism mean in science language

Why do you use mass and not weight in science?

There is no "why", because science uses both of those quantities.

What does theory mean in science?

The word "theory" in science means it could mean many of things. In science it would mean comprises a collection of concept!

What is the standard unit of weight in science?

The SI unit of force is the "newton". Weight is a force.

What does load mean in science?

Load is the object/weight that needs to be lifted b the help of the fulcrum and the effort. The load is also referred to as an output.

What is the science definition of weight?

how many newtons you wiegh.

What is the science definition of properties?

anything that has density and weight

What is forenic science?

I think you mean forensic science

In science What does classify system mean?

its a science word

What does procedure mean in a science project?

Procedures mean the steps you did for your science fair project

What is expected outcome mean for a science fair?

what does expected outcome mean for a science fair

Living space is also known as in science?

as in science? Ohhh as _____ in science you mean.

What does ozt mean in weight?

In terms of weight what does ozt mean

What is gtt mean?

In science it can mean a drop.

What does occupational science mean?

Occupational science is science about everyday life. This is science about social and physical activities.

What does reliable variable mean in science?

Maybe it will mean science stific word so I don't

Is it bear weight or bare weight?

'Bear weight' would mean 'to carry'. 'Bare weight' would mean 'reveal your weight' or 'your weight without clothing'.

What are some science terms that start with the letter w?

Weight is a science term. It starts with the letter w.

What does composers mean in science terms?

singing science formulas