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If you concede a goal in means the team you are playing against has scored a goal. An having a win means you have won the game!!

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Q: In soccer what is meant by having a conceded goal or win?
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What does GD stand for in soccer?

GD stands for goal difference. The goals scored - goals conceded

How do you restart a game of soccer after a goal is scored?

The correct restart is a kick-off from the centre spot, to be taken by the team who conceded the goal.

What is the definition of goal average and how is it calculated in soccer?

Goal average is goals scored divided by goals conceded. It has of course been pretty much superseded by goal difference these days.

How is the goal difference calculated in soccer?

Goal Difference is an important statistic used in football, mainly to diffrentiate between 2 similarly placed teams. Goal Difference = Goals Scored - Goals Conceded.

In soccer What does it meant by a field goal?

A fieldgoal is a gridiron football term.

What dose goal difference mean in English soccer.?

It's the total goals the team has scored minus the total goals the team has conceded. Say a team scored a total of 7 goals in 3 games (for example) and conceded a total of 4. The goal difference is 7-4=3.

What happens after a goal is scored in soccer?

The match is restarted with a kick-off by the team who was scored against.

What is get a goal in soccer?

a goal in soccer is to "score a goal"

What does goal difference mean in English soccer?

You take the amount of goals scored and subtract the amount of goals conceded and that gives you the goal difference. It can be negative or positive. It is used as a way of deciding the order of teams in a league when they have the same amount of points.

How do you get negative goals in soccer?

As in on a league table? A method of separating two teams who are tied on equal points, they use goal difference. Goal difference is goal scored minus goals conceded, the teams at the top of the table usually have high positive goal differences and teams at the bottom usually have high negative goal differences.

The Netherlands have conceded just one goal Against which side?


Depth of soccer goal?

What is the depth of a soccer goal?

How do you maake a goal in soccer?

Kick the soccer ball into the goal

WHAT is goal difference?

It is the number of goals scored, minus the number of goals conceded.

What is the main goal in soccer?

In soccer the main goal is to get the ball down the feild and score by getting the ball in the net past the goalie. You win by having more goals than the opposite team.

Who concede more goal last season cech vs casillas?

Iker Casillas-32 goals conceded Petr Cech-34 goals conceded

How much is a soccer goal worth?

A goal in soccer is worth one point.

How many soccer balls can fit in a soccer goal?

It depends how BIG the goal is!

How many goals have arsenal conceded at the emirates?

Arsenal Vs Real Madrid 1-0 Goal Emirates Cupby goal

How much is one goal in soccer?

One goal in soccer is worth one point.

How tall is a regulation abut soccer goal?

A soccer goal is 8 feet high.

What does goals conceded mean in football?

In terms of a football match, goal conceded means the number let in by a team. Goals conceded appears in league tables of all football competitons. It is the number of goals that a team has let in during the length of the competition of which the table represents. Goals conceded is taken away from goals scored (the number of goals scored over a season) to give a teams goal difference. Goal difference is used to separate teams on the same number of points. If TEAM A, played three matches at home and the scores were, 2-1, 0-0 and 2-3. Team A would have 4 goals scored and 4 conceded, giving them a goal difference of 0.

To get a goal in soccer is called what?

to score a goal.....

Which team was knocked out although they never conceded a goal in the 2006 fifa world cup?


Who was in goal for Manchester United when they conceded 6 and 7 goals?

It was not Van Der Sar but Krushheck.