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The last page may be left blank to allow for dedication messages by people who wish to give the books as gifts. The blank page may also be left to allow for signing of Autographs or owner's name.

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How many pages are in the a-z mysteries books?

they are very short books about 100 pages long

How many pages are there in the Percy Jackson books?

Lightning Theif: 375 pages Sea of Monsters: 279 pages Titan's Curse: 312 pages Battle of the Labrinth: 361 pages The Last Olympian: 381 pages The books aren't very long compared to the new series.- 'Heroes Of Olympus'.

How many pages does Maximum Ride the angel experiment have?

the very first book is 135 chapters and 413 pages but this is the first maximum ride book. I don't know the new books pages sorry :[

How many Unfortunate Events books are there with less than 200 pages?

Only 3 of the books are less than 200 pages. I am a slow reader myself, but I was reading them for fun, and I read 40ish pages in about 25 minutes. If you are reading them for school, and you don't get interested in books very easily, you will. These are a fast read, easy to understand, and you won't want to put them down.

Where can you get a Nancy drew coloring book?

Nancy Drew "coloring books" are non exsistant today and were only made a long time ago. _______________ The colouring books have been out of print for quite awhile. THey originally came out in 1977 so will likely be very hard to find. YOu can go to websites like coloring pages to print. They have some of the pages online and available to print.

How are C S Lewis' books doing now?

Some of them are very famous like the Chronicles of Narnia .His Christan books are also doing very almost all of his books in fact are very famous.

How many pages does the average city phone book have?

Unfortunately, there is no way to tell how many pages the average city telephone book has. Cities such as New York will have very large phone books. Rural or small cities will have very small phone books. There are thousands of cities in the United States, each being serviced by different telephone companies.

Is Barbie Blank ticklish?


What does 21 pages weigh?

It depends on what type of paper you're using. Some pages are very thin, while others are thicker and heavier.

How many pages does The Very Bad Book have?

The Very Bad Book has 174 pages.

The electron has very little mass compared to the blank or blank fill in the blank please Number Standard Neutrons Protons Mass?

The electron has very little mass compared to the proton or neutron.

How will you determine the thickness of one page of a book?

You can determine the thickness of one page of an existing book by measuring the thickness of all the pages together and then dividing by the number of pages. Note that the number of pages will be about half of the "page numbers" since most books will assign one number to the front of a page and a second number to the back of the same page. You have to remember to count unnumbered pages such as the title page and any blank flyleaf pages. To determine the thickness of a page for a planned book, a publisher will make a decision about the type of paper they wish to print on. As and example, printers will typically choose a very thin type of paper for volumes of the Bible, which has a few thousand pages so that it can be compact enough for people to carry. High end books may use heavier paper in order to be more durable and carry a more elegant "heft".

Rapidly cooling lava or magma forms very small 'blank'?

It forms very small crystals, not visible without magnification.

Why does a blank CD cost nearly as much as a blank DVD?

Blank CD's and Blank DVD's are very similar in price because they are constructed almost identically. A DVD simply has a higher density of data, but they are very similar forms of media, from a cost standpoint.

How many pages does Very Hard Choices have?

Very Hard Choices is by Spider Robinson. The hardcover has 224 pages. It is part of the Very Bad Deaths series.

How many pages does The Very Thought of You - novel - have?

The Very Thought of You - novel - has 350 pages.

How many pages does The Very Persistent Gappers of Frip have?

The Very Persistent Gappers of Frip has 96 pages.

What were books made of in the Middle Ages?

During the entire Middle Ages, books were copied by hand, and this was laborious and very expensive work. In the Early Middle Ages, books were originally on papyrus or vellum and in the form of scrolls. Later on, but still in the Early Middle Ages, books took the more modern form of folded pages sewn into gatherings and bound together. Some large books were bound in wooden covers, and the really expensive ones were jewelled. The Book of Kells was of this form, though was stolen at one point, and the thieves took the cover for the jewels, abandoning the content pages, which were recovered. Later on, some smaller books were made, bound in lighter materials. During the High Middle Ages, real paper was introduced, made of flax or cotton fibers, and these displaced papyrus for the less expensive books. It outlasted the vellum, however, and many later medieval manuscripts remain in very nice condition.

How many pages does the very hungry caterpillar have?

The hard cover book The Very Hungry Caterpillar has 32 pages. The paperback version of the book has 28 pages and the board book version has 13 pages.

Is cat warriors awesome?

That depends,eevryone has opinions, some will say yes, some will say no, but you need to answer this question for yourself, read some of the books. They are very interesting books if you ask me.

What are some popular books for teens?

the hunger games is very popular and interesting

What are some good mystery books for kids?

Some good book series for children are the ABC mysteries and the encyclopedia brown books are very well good too.

Are there books ruined by movies?

there are many, for instance the harry potter films are very different to the books, not neccessarily ruined but there are certainly some out there.

Are there check books with calculators built in?

There are some check books with calculators built in, but often are very small and may be difficult to use.

Can a blank bullet blow off your finger?

It is a blank cartridge, and yes, it could. While blanks have no bullet, they still have a very high pressure jet of hot gas. There have been fatal shootings at very close range with blank ammunition.

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